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Hindu Rashtra

भारत और इंडिया

वर्तमान में देवभूमि भारतवर्ष पर विदेशी तंत्र स्थापित है जिसका नाम इंडिया है। इस विदेशी तंत्र ने ही इस भारतवर्ष के ऊपर इंडिया नाम थोप दिया है, नाम के अतिरिक्त संविधान, कानून, कोर्ट, पुलिस आदि इसका हिस्सा है।

Hindu Rashtra and Vedas

From the beginning of human history Bhartiyas saw Bharat as a full fledged 'Rashtra' Many of us are of the impression that Western nationalism is the English equivalent of our 'Rashtriyatva'.

Making of the Hindu Rashtra

A Hindu Rashtra symbolizes the ideal Nation State with justice, peace and prosperity. It's the Indian concept of a model State which is the homeland of the Hindu civilization. This is akin to the rule of Bhagwan Ram.

Hindus in danger- Fact or fiction?

Isn't it downright comical that a whole ethnic race was artificially made extincted from a place where they reside just because they were Hindus, a cop was lynched because he just had a name tag of "PANDITH", sadhus were lynched well because they were sadhus, a guru/mystic is mocked by a commie-dian on a case which was settled by the court of law, a lieutenant colonel was put behind bars without trial but a filmmaker wants the Hindus to kneel down because of the atrocities.

राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ जनकल्याण समिती “कोरोनामुक्त ठाणे” अभियान

नित्य राष्ट्र साधना प्रतिदिन की शाखा व समय-समय पर किये गये कार्यों व व्यक्ति चरित्र निर्माण संघ संस्कार के कारण ही दुनियां के सामने आज संघ राष्ट्रशक्ति बनकर उभरा है। ऐसे संगठन के बारे में तथ्यपूर्ण सही जानकारी होना आवश्यक है।

Modi’s Journey from “Hindi Belt” to a “Hindu State”

Although the BJP has maintained a safe distance from the idea of “Hindu Rashtra” as propounded by Veer Savarkar and repeatedly demanded by RSS, the growing nationalism is, in reality, unifying the Hindus.

Cultural genocide of Hindus

Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern traditions today survive in only a few countries such as India, Thailand, Japan

Why Yogi Adityanath and Hindu Rashtra/Nationalism are wrongly misinterpreted

Hindu Nationalism means a collective social and political thought of a sovereign country running on the principle of Ram Rajya i.e. a country where people live happily and without any fear.

Should Hindus expect the Sangh Pariwar to form a Hindu Rashtra?

The mission of RSS has always been to help fellow INDIANS and not just Hindus. And time and again RSS has proved it.

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