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Religion missing from public welfare?

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IAS Aspirant, Seeker, Learner, Music Lover, Ayurveda follower

Public welfare in today’s parlance for the government is specifically an economic subject though recognizing the social development.

There are things beyond materialistic pleasures and religion becomes the institution to fulfill those needs hence religion must not be ignored in the name of secularism if government really intends to provide public welfare.

By ignoring religion and the outcome it intends to provide, public welfare remains incomplete in the hands of the government leading to more chaos in the particular subject.

As the Government makes infrastructure for the development of the economy, it should work in the religious sector as well but not just with an intent of monitory benefit but with an aim of spiritual welfare.

India that is Bharat, being home of the Sanatan Dharma, it holds the opportunity and potential for the world in the subject of spiritual welfare because of it’s feature of Respect for other ideologies.

State must have a religion if it really intends to provide public welfare as the public welfare lies not in just Materialistic things but also in Spiritual goals. Subjects/things concerning public at large must be regulated and controlled by the domain experts with an aim of Public Welfare.

Hence, India being the home of the Sanatan Dharma/ Hinduism and the government being the caretaker of this home must ensure the protection and promotion of Sanatan dharma for the sake of public welfare and prevent the invasion of other ideologies that threatens the ‘mutual respect value system’.

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IAS Aspirant, Seeker, Learner, Music Lover, Ayurveda follower
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