Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Rahul Gandhi working on Congress Mukt Bharat

Irresponsible and juvenile Behavior of Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the Indian Parliament

Rahul Gandhi by all measures of mental aptitudes and erratic behavior should be disqualified by the speaker or expelled from his party.

Rahul Gandhi and his grandiose delusions

When a leader has illusions of knowledge and he suffers from delusions of grandeur, failure is inevitable.

Bhakt vs Pidi : A perfect antithesis

Why get angry when your opponent addresses you with an adjective as pure as a ‘Bhakt’!

Rahul’s reluctance to govern

Without mincing any words, one has to admit that Congress under de-facto leadership of Rahul Gandhi has somehow not been able to provide credible and meaningful opposition in the last 7 years of Modi’s Government.

वैलेंटाइन वीक में युवराज के लिए लड़की ढूंढ़ते कांगी: बेवकूफी इज मस्ट

आपको इस बौद्धिक पिछड़े के लिए कहीं बेवकूफी मिले, तो इसको इत्तला करें, वैसे उसके दरबारी पत्तलकार और चाटुकार इसे सदी की महानतम लव स्टोरी बता वैलेंटाइन वीक का मजा ले रहे हैं।

राहुलजी की ध्यान-यात्रा

राहुलजी की विदेश-यात्राएं हमेशा ही देश के लिए कौतूहल का विषय रही हैं। वैसे तो राहुलजी का पूरा व्यक्तित्व ही रहस्यमय है: उनका खान-पान,...

Rahul Gandhi: The dilettante

Hathras incident was being touted as the God given opportunity for the Gandhi siblings by an insane journalist and Gandhi’s made all futile efforts to garner some attention

A take on the rising anti Hindu chant

Hindutva is being targeted by the opposition as it is some sort of disease that one needs to get rid of; which has and which will backfire!

Did Rahul Gandhi score a massive self goal by keeping a track of Corona Cases?

It is high time when Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family part ways or else Congress Mukt Bharat is inevitable.

राहुल गाँधी ने की interview में कॉमेडी

। राहुल गाँधीजी का यह इंटरव्यू काफी मनोरंजक था और उम्मीद है की आगे भी राहुल गाँधी हमें ऐसे ही चुटकुले सुनाते रहेंगे।

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