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Irresponsible and juvenile Behavior of Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the Indian Parliament

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If democracy is to thrive and function in an orderly manner, the elected officials must behave in a disciplined manner. Indian Parliamentarians have failed to meet that standard. The opposition party routinely breaks the parliamentary rules and hurls unfounded accusations against the ruling party without facts to confuse, stall and delay the normal proceeding of the Parliament.

The speakers according to established rules of the house must implement the rules of the house to discipline the members depending on the severity of the offense by disallowing their participation for a limited period or complete removal of the member from the regular session. The current outburst by Rahul Gandhi is born out of his dismal performance in the opinion polls and that proves him to be unworthy of the positions he is elected for.

The voters who vote for these types of people need education about their responsibilities or lose their voting privileges. We don’t want people who are anti-national to their bones to hold any position of influence or authority. The people who lack knowledge on national affairs and the process of policy makings should not be voted in office. Those who are engaged in the criminal enterprise should be disqualified by the Election Commission to contest elections as per the Supreme court directive. Equally responsible are the parties, who issue the permission by granting them tickets as the party candidates. Those parties who systematically engage in recruiting the rogue and criminal elements should be barred from contesting the election. If you don’t follow the basic rules of a clean democracy, sooner or later you will lose your freedom and the country will fail.

Rahul Gandhi by all measures of mental aptitudes and erratic behavior should be disqualified by the speaker or expelled from his party.

The nations of the world formulate their foreign policies based on their perceived national interests. The national interest change from time to time. Rahul Gandhi’s statement in the parliament regarding China and Pakistan lacked any understanding of the history of their relationships. Rahul has no expertise in this area. The question and answer raised in parliament should be properly framed and answered. Just shooting off from the mouth to spread a lie or smear others when his party brought this situation on people’s heads is a bit devilish in motive or exhibits poor mental strength to comprehend the overall understandings. Every time Rahul speaks, he continues to exhibit such a lack of depth in understanding the complex geopolitical environment India is facing. The outlandish claims and statements of lies are unhelpful.

For the record, the history of their relationship goes back to the Vietnam era when the United States was trying to extricate itself out of a quagmire. Soviets and China were allies assisting North Vietnam. Nixon-Kissinger duo bought the Chinese the same way China is buying Pakistan. Their closeness was brought about when Pakistan was an American client and surrogate who helped Nixon-Kissinger to wean China away from Russia. Under various concessions granted by the USA, including the permanent member seat at United nation, China backstabbed Russians and initiated border conflicts with Vietnam and Russia both. This diversion accompanied by peace negotiation ended the war. However, the end of the Vietnam war was similar to what we saw during the Afghan pullout. Rahul and his party signed an agreement with China when his party is out of power. It was dumb for Rahul to sign it and equally dumb for us to allow China to hold a private meeting with a pollical party of irrelevance.

China wants to be a hegemon of Asia and she sees India as her main competitor. China-Pakistan’s “surrogate” relationship goes back several decades. China is using Pakistan as a tool to slow down India’s rise either through acts of terrorism, spying, hacking, occupying territories, or promoting division among Indians to encourage discords to disorient India. Make no mistake, China is a national security threat.

When Rahul’s mother roost the kingdom, she and her puppet Prime Minister did nothing regarding China and Pakistan and here an “awakened Vibhishana” accuses the people who are more experienced and knowledgeable in the game of geopolitics. Rahul in the parliament makes an ill-informed and false statement, disowning the failed policies of his party. Such irresponsibility deserves punishment, and the speaker needs to consider barring Rahul for the entire session of this parliament for his demagoguery.

The United States at its initiative condemned Rahul Gandhi’s statement.

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