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Dr Sudhir Bisht

Former CEO, Adjunct Professor, author, independent columnist & life-long learner| Religious Beliefs- Vedant darshan, Bhagavad Gita| Economic beliefs: Capitalism with strong regulatory framework

10 Reasons why Rahul Gandhi is Mr. Double-faced of Indian politics

Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah referred to Rahul Gandhi as the leader who has been launched umpteen number of times but each launch event has been a case of unmitigated disaster for the Congress party.

Here’s why Modi is right in asking why no one has adopted the surname ‘Nehru’

Nehru Ji’s legacy was not great and Gandhi surname had political dividends for Indira ji and her successors. That is why the Nehru lineage is called the Gandhis and not the Nehrus.

Hindenburg papers- Another attempt to disrupt the only growing major market in the world

Hindenburg analysis of Adani: A case of compromised research and story telling of old boring facts.

The Chhawla gang rape case- Is the Supreme Court really a people’s court?

The top court has a big bag of sin on its chest, even as it claims to have done justice.

Jail for Sidhu and justice for Gurnam, at last!

The year 2022 has been a catastrophic year for Sidhu. The Law of averages caught up with his luck.

Perarivalan: the 19 year old battery supplier that triggered the explosion that killed Rajiv Gandhi

About 34 years ago, the then PM of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, ordered Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to wade into the Sri Lankan civil war.

Gandhi- One of our greatest sons but NOT the father of our nation

To call Gandhiji as the Father of the Nation is inappropriate. No man deserves that divine title. Gandhi was one of the many greats who shaped our country’s destiny.

Shilpa Shetty, the poster child of publicity, now seeks privacy!

The poster child of publicity is now demanding privacy from her fans. Is it a realistic expectation for Mrs Shetty?

To the Derek O’Briens and Santunu Sens of TMC: Rajya Sabha is not a place for vandals

O'Brien is one of the most disruptive MPs in the Indian Parliament and if ever he turns to being a quiz master again, he will do well to include a question that asks, "Who is the most rowdy Rajya Sabha member of all times?"

Rahul Gandhi and his grandiose delusions

When a leader has illusions of knowledge and he suffers from delusions of grandeur, failure is inevitable.

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