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‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and Rahul Gandhi

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The Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi has taken a break after reaching Delhi on 24 December 2022, just in time, to allow him to celebrate Christmas with his family. Being a Roman Catholic Christian, this is an important religious obligation on his part. We, in secular India, honour his Christian faith.

The Left-Islamist-Lutyens media of India have gone overboard to project this Yatra as a watershed in Indian politics. But the issue remains unanswered as to why this Yatra was undertaken? The Left-Islamist-Congi-Commie cabal shouts that BJP has divided India on religious lines (Hindu-Muslim to be precise) and Congress is cementing the divide through this Yatra.

This explanation is so hollow and fake that any sensible Indian will laugh at it. It is Congress, which has been appeasing Muslims from day one of independence. Congress has been pampering those Muslims who fought violently for creation of Islamic Pakistan up to 15 August 1947, but stayed in India without migrating to Pakistan after that date.

Congress walked all extra miles to assure safe Islamic berths for those Muslim Leaguers in independent India. On the other hand, Congress has been neck-deep in caste-based politics among Hindus to keep them divided perpetually. So, Congress has been the greatest divider of not only Hindu and Muslim but also among Hindus.

Nehruvian secular India was not developed on separation of religion from the government. Congress government rather kept on giving extra religion-based support and benefit to Muslim community, in particular, in the name of minority and guaranteed equal rights to the followers of all religions to preach, practice and propagate their respective religions.

Such practices by the Congress government allowed Indian Muslims to eat the apple and have it too. On 15 august 1947, they got Islamic Pakistan for being minority in undivided British India and after that day they started getting extra religion-based support and benefit from Congress government of India again for being minority in independent India.

India had seen large scale conversion of Hindus to Islam during a thousand years of Islamic invasions and rule in India. The conversion of Hindus to Christianity in India also started officially and vigorously by East India Company from 1830. Before that, local people of Goa, Daman and Diu underwent brutal conversion to Christianity following Portuguese conquest of those areas in 1510.

As per scriptures of Hinduism, there is no concept of conversion in it. One is a Hindu by birth only. The so-called Suddhi Ceremony (conversion to Hinduism) was launched by Arya Samaj, in a very limited way, only during the first quarter of 20th century. But conversion has been an integral and major part of Islam and Christianity from the beginning of those religions. Thus, the provision of Indian Constitution of right to “Propagate” one’s religion, puts hindrance before Indian Hindus alone.

Rahul Gandhi joined active politics in 2004. During the last 18 years of his active political career, he could not show any political maturity, worthy diplomacy, impressive Parliamentary debate, winning electoral strategy or depth of knowledge in any subject. His loose and weird political remarks and inability to help Congress win elections have earned the name Pappu for him.

Except for the backing of the dynasty, Rahul Gandhi does not have any leadership quality. He has escaped from responsibility many times. But his conviction of entitlement to lead Congress, and by extension India, is beyond any doubt. His gross lack of knowledge about Indian civilization and ethos has handicapped him substantially in Indian politics. And this he does not care about.

Rahul Gandhi, a miserably failed politician from the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, thinks that he can counter BJP by abusing Modi and Hindutva. Only a few days back he said I am a Hindu, but not Hindutva. This was like I am human, but have no humanity. Rahul Gandhi fails to understand that without Hindutva, no one can be a Hindu. How can Congress dream of contesting with BJP in the 2024 election with a leader who does not know the meaning of Hindutva, but abuses it?

Rahul Gandhi’s innate aversion towards Hindu-Hindutva has come from his personal Roman Catholic Christian background and unquestionable leaning of Congress towards Muslims. This aversion towards Hindu-Hindutva has been enhanced by his Left-Islamist advisors. In public he claims to be a proud Hindu, but his such claim looks more comical than real.

Rahul Gandhi has taken a short-cut route to reach the chair of Prime Minister of India. He thinks that by abusing Savarkar, Modi, RSS and Hindutva he can achieve that goal. His temple-hopping, before the election, looks funny and totally unconvincing. At times, his anti-Modi aggression becomes his anti-India rhetoric. His support towards Tukde Tukde Gang, opposition to CAA and abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, peddling the phobia of Hindu Terror nationally and internationally, frequent giving of pro-China and pro-Pakistan statements, as well as, mocking of the Indian Army have eroded his Hindu vote base to a large extent. But instead of addressing those points, Rahul Gandhi is determined to remain a patient of Peter Pan Syndrome.

Between 1992 to 2012 many so-called secular regional political parties came into being in India. One thing was common with all the parties. Like Congress, all were Muslim oriented parties. These parties include: SP, RJD, NCP, BSP, JDU, JDS, AAP, TRS, TMC and YSRCP. Thus Congress, Communist and regional parties in India defined secularism to be anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim. Now after BJP’s consecutive win in 2014 and 2019 elections, all these parties blame BJP for doing Hindu-based politics, but they remain blind to their naked Muslim-based politics.

Non-BJP opposition parties of India, including Congress, are clueless now. All have taken majority Hindus of India for granted for too long. Rise of Hindu Indian nationalism in the country, under BJP, has made all these parties a confused lot. Neither can these parties come together to oppose BJP unitedly, nor any individual party has the ability to defeat BJP in 2024 election. In between Pappu is delusional about the positive outcome of his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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