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Congress victory in Karnataka is not defeat of BJP, Congress Mukt Bharat urgent need for regional parties

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Victory of congress party that patronage dynastic politics in India is indeed not the defeat of BJP headed by the world leader Narendra Modi, instead all the regional parties in India must worry a lot and must pull up the socks to make India congress mukt. Most of the regional parties and congress share the vote as most of them cry out pseudo-secularism, minority appeasement, cynical anti-nationalism like rhetoric and obviously anti-Hindu sentiments. 

Once congress party was the only political party present in all most all states in India which was wiped out by regional sentiments represented by the regional, family owned political corporate. The best examples are DMK in Tamil Nadu, SP in UP, NCP and Udday Thakare faction of Shiv Sena in some remote parts of Mahratta etc. Although the congress party is fully owned by a family but still the congress party is seen by Indians at large as a national party than a fringe force exists in the political arena to echo regional sentiments. 

In Karnataka, JDS owned by Gowda family was a formidable force once, although is not present all over the state. JDS has ruled the state for several time points and its patriarch, thanks to the fractured mandate given by Indians to form a kitchadi government, could become Prime Minister of India. BJP entered the scene and started to bring true and real national sentiments in Karnataka and grew slowly.  The growth of BJP scripted the decline of both congress and JDS and which compelled both parties to align and form government in the past to loot the state. They failed miserably in several such occasions in the past. 

The slow and steady growth of BJP in Karnataka has made the state politics very dynamic and ever changing and securing absolute majority for any single political party became quite impossible. This was the scenario Karnataka has been experiencing for nearly three decades. But the state election of Karnataka in 2023 has come as a rude slap to all regional parties in India and the regional parties have lot to fear than BJP.

The vote percentage analysis of BJP in Karnataka clearly show the vote percentage of BJP is rock solid in spite of severe inner party rifts and decent. On the contrary, the vote share of congress party has increased significantly exclusively at the cost of JDS. It means, the regional sentiments of people are shifting away and moving towards nationalism and hence people are seeing Indian politics between BJP and congress. 

If the regional parties fail to read the writing on the wall too early and too quick, and focus only on BJP and Modi as how to defeat BJP at any cost, the price the regional parties have to pay is total annihilation of the very party that they own. If they align with congress, the identity of their party would disappear. It will be seen as, to defeat a national party- BJP, the regional parties have to align with another national party, for that, why people should experiment through the regional parties owned by several families and instead they can directly shift to either BJP or congress. 

It is a clear alarm bell for all regional parties in India to wake-up to the new reality and isolate congress politically otherwise they will be digging own graveyard. Even a toe hold space give to congress party by the regional parties is as disastrous as merging own party to congress. Regional parties should force congress to support the regional parties by not contesting or contesting to a very limited seats given by the regional parties. 

Congress must be limited to only 100 seats to contest for the next parliamentary election and that should the strategy of all regional parties. Instead, if regional parties support congress, they would lose their presence and identity both in the region they represent, as well at national level. On the contrary, if they could limit the congress to a miniscule force, the regional parties can dictate terms with congress. 

The regional parties those have only agenda of abusing Modi must realize that it is time not for celebrating the victory of congress in Karnataka and instead they must mourn at the likely loss they are going to suffer due to the surge of congress party. Today, the regional parties are in great need of a congress mukt Bharat than BJP because congress has started to taking back their vote from the regional parties. Therefore, regional parties while opposing BJP must also oppose and isolate congress otherwise they become part of congress and soon must dissolve their family corporate. 

If the regional parties celebrate the victory of congress in Karnataka means, they are celebrating the beginning of their ruin and start preparing nothing short of writing own epitaph. 

BJP is safe and strong both in its defeat and victory, the regional parties must ask, are they strong at the victory of congress? Find the answer soon and work towards congress mukt Bharat.  

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