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Bhakt vs Pidi : A perfect antithesis

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We often see our fellow RWingers get angry when LeLis call us ‘Bhakts and sometimes even, ‘Andhbhakts’. We counter this by calling them ‘Pidis’. Now while the counter is perfectly fine, the anger is unnecessary. Why get angry when your opponent addresses you with an adjective as pure as a ‘Bhakt’.

Allow me to explain this please: Who is a Bhakt? In this context we will consider a person who supports Narendra Modi unconditionally is called a bhakt. Let us examine the genesis of this term: Bhakti means devotion & it stems from a very pure emotion of  ‘trust/faith’. Whom do we normally trust? God, our parents, close family, close friends, right? Isn’t Narendra Modiji the patriarch of a big family of Indians? Doesn’t he have our best interests as our priority? So where is the need to get angry if we are called Bhakts, i.e. people who trust Modiji? On the contrary we must thank these LeLis for praising us and recognising our unstinted solidarity with the man committed to strengthening India. 

I will address the ‘andhbhakt’ aspect later since it doesn’t deserve too much attention and come to the ‘pidi’ part first. The genesis of the term ‘pidi’ is a little pet dog of Pappu who jumps up every time Pappu offers him a biscuit. Now this analogy fits every CONgi perfectly. Who in his sane mind would support a fused bulb knowing very well that they will never get any light from him? What is it that motivates these ‘pidis’ to stay with Pappu? Is it the ‘pidi biscotti’ made from Mamma Mia’s ‘black dough’? Or is it the lack of an organ called spine that makes one completely obsequious & devoid of self-respect? Or is it the delusion that their cottage industry of corruption/dalali will return someday under YouPeeA?

Whatever the reason might be, it is clear that there is nothing respectable about this ‘title’, rather it is an extreme embarrassment to be addressed thus. In fact it is now very clear that Bhakt & Pidi are antithetical to each other – the former stemming from pure emotions of selfless support to a strong dynamic leader & the latter a sad certificate of servility towards a daft dynastic dope.  

Now let us tackle ‘Andhbhakt’: I can categorically say this with no doubt whatsoever, that there is no such term as Andhbhakt. It is as real as the term LeLi, a combination of  Leftist+Liberal, which coincidentally was coined by yours truly. Likewise Andhbhakt is a word coined by LeLis, because they know that Bhakt can never be a slur & we wear the Bhakt label with pride. Therefore they coined Andhbhakt trying to suggest blind faith. But Andhbhakti or blind faith is not possible. Because faith or trust itself is always 100%, i.e. you can either trust someone or not, but you cannot trust someone 99%. Therefore you are either a Bhakt or not, but you cannot be an Andhbhakt. 

So while I am a proud Bhakt and happy to be called one, I want to add here that here is nothing wrong if you are not a bhakt and yet support Modi. That too is perfectly fine as long as you are committed to keeping CONg + LeLis out of power.  On a lighter note I might just want to call you a ‘kam-bhakt’ though (Just kidding ok). Still fine, because I shudder to imagine what being called a ‘pidi’ would feel like. 


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