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Does the ‘Editors Guild Of India’ deserve any recognition or respect anymore?

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“The Editors Guild was founded in 1978 with the twin objectives of protecting press freedom and for raising the standards of editorial leadership of newspapers and magazines.” – Editors Guild of India’s website

Are they really protecting press freedom is my question? While organizations like Republic and OpIndia fight their battles, isn’t it the responsibility of the editors guild of India to raise their voice for the honest journalists in this country? Sadly, they only raise their voice for organizations like NewsLaundry who are being raided for income tax. So should they be given importance anymore?

When Arnab was being dragged from his house by the Mumbai police at 8 o’clock in the morning, though he was unwell and wanted to talk to his lawyers which is his democratic right, he wasn’t allowed to do so. While his son was assaulted and his wife was forced to sign a document being given by the police, WHAT WAS THE EDITORS GUILD OF INDIA DOING THEN? To all the pseudos telling they did release the statement. Yes, they did! but did it have any substance? Absolutely not!!

For the viewer’s sake, I am attaching the document below. Do have a read yourself and make a judgment.

Statement on the arrest of Arnab Goswami

They were silent then, they are silent now too! When editors of OpIndia are being forced to leave Bengal because of the fascism done by the TMC, where is the editors guild of India? Shouldn’t they stand should-shoulder with the editors and make sure that they get all the support needed from the media fraternity? Extreme disgrace!!

While the Editors guild of India act irresponsible, as people of this country let’s take an oath to never take the guild seriously. While they don’t stand with the truth, why should we give any importance?

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