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The hypocrisy of the West

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Recently Rahul Gandhi was suspended from the Lok Sabha for his casteist remark on the Modi surname. He violated the law and hurt sentiments, India is a democratic and secular country, and it was not tolerated. The US government released a statement, 

“Shared commitment to democratic values – including, of course, freedom of expression.”

The United States of America out of all the countries had commented on ‘freedom of expression’. 

Here’s a reality check for the west!

  1. The police officers brutally killed George Floyd on May 25th, 2020 for an ACCUSATION of a purchase made with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was not allowed to tell his side of the story, his rights were taken away just because of his skin color, and he was dragged and brutally beaten. When Floyd’s ‘right to live’ was taken away, where were the Americans preaching ‘freedom of expression’?
  1. Six people were killed in the Nashville school shooting just a few days ago. Yet the president, Mr. Joe Biden, Insensitively comments that he thought ice cream was being served downstairs. 

Weapons are still allowed to be carried even after repeated requests to ban them. There has been no action taken in response to the concerns expressed by parents in the United States. Risks have been posed to millions of children. 

  1. When Donald Trump was banned from Twitter for merely tweeting his opinions just because the democrats came into power, thus removing his freedom of expression completely okay for the US?

The west should understand that we aren’t inferior to them anymore. We stand head to head in terms of economy, development, and military power. We are the only constitution that involves the holy book of each religion under its constitution. 

Rahul Gandhi has been given every right to protest and go to the honorable courts of our country.  Maybe the states need to look into their own affairs!

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