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International media lauds Arnab Goswami for his stand on Joe Biden

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Arnab Goswami (Editor-In-Chief) of Republic TV recently took strong stands against Joe Biden (President of the United States Of America). During his Debate at 9 PM, he showed the video were dozens of Afghans were crying for help but nobody helped them. His exact words that Monday evening were “Dozens of desperate, panic-stricken Afghans holding on to the wheels of a giant American plane as it moved on the runaway and after taking off, within minutes they start falling off the wheels, and pictures were taken of them falling from the wheels from air-borne plane 100-1000s feet in the air”.

He affirmed that America did not even listen to the people’s last cry. The giant airplane took off while people died while falling from it. After his strong stands against the heartless American Government and its president Joe Biden, the global audience of Republic TV lauded Arnab.

Here are some of the tweets:

The International audience is all talking about Arnab Goswami while the Lutyens lobby in our country doesn’t show even half the truth that Arnab shows. The only honest reporter of this country is Arnab. The international audience is now waiting for Republic Global. Not only the Lutyens but also well-known media houses like CNN and the BBC have no coverage of what’s happening in Afghanistan and the huge role which the US played in it. The BBC on the other hand is doing diplomatic interviews with the Taliban. The people need to stop watching BBC and CNN instead watch Republic TV and the huge role they’re playing in showing the truth to not only India but to the whole world.

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