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International media lauds Arnab Goswami for his stand on Joe Biden

The International audience is all talking about Arnab Goswami while the Lutyens lobby in our country doesn't show even half the truth that Arnab shows.

Will Prime Minister Modi and his Party overcome the westerly winds?

First the western media targeted Trump and removed him from the chair now they're after PM Modi with all kinds of lies, half truths and false narratives.

USCIRF report by “the concerned but prejudiced commissioners (the-CPC)” labeling India “a country of concern (a-CPC)”

India's a-CPC designation in 2020 was based on misconstrued narrative derived from the limited information, data, and facts.

India’s COVID crisis: Opportunity for Rana Ayyub to spew venom against Modi, Time provides the platform

It's astonishing that how international publications allow their platforms to be used, without any iota of sanctity and neutrality, and let her run amok with her blatant Anti-Modism.

हिन्दू प्रवासी कामगारों का सोशल मीडिया लिंचिंग

भारत के कुछ वैचारिक उन्मादी प्रवृत्ति के पत्रकारों द्वारा सोशल मीडिया में भारतीय हिन्दू प्रवासी कामगारों में भय पैदा करने में अपना कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ रहे है और साथ ही साथ बहुसंख्यक समुदाय को एक प्रकार की अघोषित रूप से चेतावनी भी दे रहे है कि बेटा कायदे में रहो हम तो 52 मुमालिक है।

Washington Post doing a ‘Deshabhimani of America’

WP changes article's headline “India Kerala Coronavirus: How the Communist state flattened its Coronavirus curve” to a more neutral looking ”How the Indian state of Kerala flattened its Coronavirus curve”. Says much about their propaganda.

Misuse of journalism- Washington Post

Rana Ayyub yet again plays with her favourite topic- Connect Prime Minister Modi with Islamophobia, anyhow.

What the Right needs to learn from the Left!

From Bernie Sanders calling it an attack against the Muslim community in the country to India's very own media houses calling it a state-sponsored 'Pogrom', the left has been able to put forward their narrative and most importantly, promote it.

For BBC, Delhi riots victimised only Muslims, despite many Hindu victims

National and international one sided biased media coverage of the Delhi riots.

Liberal blindspot: The Log Kya Kahenge syndrome of international media on Kashmir issue

International media’s interest and influence on Kashmir issue is overstated and is equivalent to “Log Kya Khaenge”.

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