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For BBC, Delhi riots victimised only Muslims, despite many Hindu victims

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It’s been a week from hell for New Delhites. With shops, businesses, homes and vehicles set ablaze, and peaceful residents being brutally slaughtered and burned alive by mobs in the most barbaric and inhumane fashion, the city streets of Chand Bagh reverberate with dreadful silence following recent atrocities.

It is not exactly clear as to who or what initiated the storm, and the mainstream media are theorising the terror having stemmed from anti-CAA protests, with clashers on both sides of the community being “outsiders.”

As if all the turmoil in itself wasn’t enough, the many victims and the world now on top, have to deal with wretched reporting by the so-called “journalists” and Western media outlets who are inherently trusted by populations, lawmakers and perpetually cited by Wikipedia for they are assumed to be ‘credible’ and unbiased.

Anyone following Indian live television and print media coverage would be well aware the rioters targeted both Hindus and Muslims, leaving over 300 injured and over 40 dead: a count that keeps on rising.

Hindu IB Officer Ankit Sharma was stabbed brutally somewhere between fifty and four hundred times, with his eyes stabbed and intestines ripped apart with sharp knives. His amputated limbs and body was found in a nearby drain. The forensic doctors who performed the autopsy stated they had “never seen such mutilation in [their] life.” Sharma’s family alleged, Muslim politician and AAP councillor Tahir Hussain was behind his heinous murder, as also claimed by Hussain’s neighbours in a Times Now report.

A video floating on live television and Twitter clearly showed the Islamist politician radically participating in the riot, strolling with a baton in his hand on the same terrace where his mob of men could be seen pelting stones, petrol bombs, broken bottles, and launching attacks on neighbours.

A raid of Tahir Hussain‘s Chand Bagh residence the following day revealed an entire armoury of improvised weapons used by Hussain and the rioters, as well as incriminating evidence of Sharma’s murder. Furthermore, female undergarments were discovered at his property, along with a disrobed girl’s body in the nearby drain as well. We can only surmise what that suggests.

#DelhiRiotTruth reveals major and significant anecdotes of Hindu victims persecuted during the riot, with their houses and cars charred. Among the victims were a Hindu woman bursting in tears after her home of forty years was reduced to ashes, a man claiming the “outsiders targeted him assuming ‘he’s a Hindu, kill (or hit) him!'”, along with stories of many other Hindu residents ignored by mainstream media. There are also claims Hindu businesses were exclusively targeted and charred, with Muslim-owned shops spared. Some suggested Muslim women poured acid on Hindu victims and their houses.

19-year old Vivek Chaudhary’s skull was drilled during the violence too:

“From nowhere he was attacked by some miscreants, that too without any provocation,” she said. “They picked up a sharp iron piece (which looked like a part of a drilling machine) and pushed it into his head. He was stunned and was rushed to the hospital with the help of some locals.” When asked why Chaudhry was attacked, the family members said, “We have absolutely no idea.”

But all of that did not catch the attention of the unbiased BBC

For media outlets like BBCWSJWashington Post and politicians like Bernie Sanders, the victims of the riot were mainly Muslims being targeted by “Hindu mobs,” as insinuated by their pseudo-reporting efforts and biased portrayal of the situation.


WSJ even misreported deceased Ankit Sharma’s brother blaming Hindutva mobs for Ankit’s murder, when in fact the family’s police complaint undoubtedly stated Tahir Hussain as the alleged perpetrator.

Only a few journalists have stepped up to clarify what’s really going on. Most of the media outlets are too fixated on victimising Muslim residents of areas where they are already a majority, and being fairly represented by the world media, which obviously has anti-Modi agenda.

Of course, the internet is filled with numerous reported cases of charred Mosques and Muslims having been targeted in the attacks, which are serious atrocities too. But you don’t have to look too hard to find them; it’s dominating the news. This includes news about the scorched house of Mr. Anees, a Muslim constable residing in a predominantly Hindu area of Khajuri Khas which was attacked.

These are all wicked occurrences, but also the very focus of attention in the Western media: across BBC, WSJ, and Washington Post. Any “news” that helps them eradicate Trump, justify the means. Both anecdotally, and according to credible reports, however, significant distress and damage was also experienced by Hindu residents of these areas, which wasn’t given any attention.

Hindu nationalism or jihad

To spell out the harsh truth, “Hindu nationalism” is an overrated threat being disproportionally reported, if not outrightly manufactured by the mainstream media. This lets opposition parties further their case for secularism and augment their voter support. Incidents of radical Islam and Hindu persecution on the other hand continue to be ignored or vastly underreported in their sheer intensity out of political correctness and fear of “community unrest.”

The reasons for this one-sided reporting are very many. There’s too many stakeholders, each with their own agenda. There’s political parties on all sides with significant ownership in media outlets. “Free press” is a myth. There are alliances between Indian and Western left and right-wing groups. News perpetuated by Indian media outlets is selectively rebroadcasted by Western media, without much regard for its factual accuracy or care for journalistic bias. After all, eradicating Trump or Boris is a much bigger concern for them rather than getting another country’s politics right. Incidents of “paid news” frequently sponsored by Indian politicians are well-known.

Because, majority must always be the oppressor

Another reason is the universally accepted flawed belief that a majority group by its very nature must always be tyrannical and guilty, even when that may not be applicable to every case.

History of India would tell you otherwise: whether British Raj or Mughal rule is taken into account, the majority was always the oppressed demographic tyrannised by different oppressor minorities. And, for people of India not much has changed today when the institutional forces entrusted with the task of upholding morality and delivering justice continue to work against the truth so as to advance their selfish agenda.

While the BBC was too busy sympathising only with the Muslim victims of the violence and unequivocally shifting blame towards Hindu politician Kapil Mishra’s tweet, they obviously overlooked Hussain’s radical involvement in and coordination of these terror attacks as caught on camera; along with his well-stocked house mimicking an armoury.

Such events don’t happen overnight or because of a provocative tweet: very likely this was all part of a premeditated plan well before Mishra’s provocative statement even made it to Twitter. In Muslim majority areas of Chand Bagh and Shaheen Baghnone of the Hindu persecutions were brought to light by mainstream media which was far too focused on demonstrating the sole perpetrators being “Hindu mobs.”

People on both sides, without any journalism experience or expertise are well aware of these events and able to grasp what actually happened. Yet for professional journalistic bodies and big shots trusted with delivering the truth, the riots were too daunting a task to cover without carefully distorting the truth.

Consider this a rebuttal piece criticising biased reporting by Western media, rather than taking sides as far as communal violence is concerned. It takes two to tango.

Originally published on Central. Edits made by staff.

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