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India’s COVID crisis: Opportunity for Rana Ayyub to spew venom against Modi, Time provides the platform

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As Covid crisis unfolds in India, for Rana Ayyub it’s an opportunity to spew Venom, and blame everything that’s wrong in India, on Modi.

It’s astonishing that how international publications allow their platforms to be used, without any iota of sanctity and neutrality, and let her run amok with her blatant Anti-Modism.

1. Kumbh Mela as Super Spreader

She starts with complaining that BJP Govt encouraged worshippers it is “clean” and safe to “attend” Kumbh Mela. However, she fails to mention that Govt has made adequate arrangements for it. Devotees are supposed to upload negative Covid Report before getting a pass to enter the Fair.

Then She goes on to conclude, that “Is it any wonder that the festival has become a super-spreader event?”

What is the basis for it?

Referring to her own Source “thousands are testing positive”, in Haridwar, in a 5-day period, 2,36,751 tests were conducted at the Mela site. Out of these, 1,701 came out positive for Covid-19, which amounts to a Positivity Rate of 0.72%.

As per the WHO guidelines and John Hopkins University, below 5% positivity rate for two weeks should be a criteria for Govts to consider reopening.

Mumbai, where she lives, has the positivity rate above 15%, the State of Maharashtra, her Home State, yesterday recorded a positivity rate of 16.45%.

Delhi, which is Centerstage of farmer’s protest, she vehemently supports and promotes, records a positivity rate more than 36%. 

If at all, she is concerned about an Event becoming “Super Spreader”, she should immediately write an open letter and appeal to thousands of farmers who are headed for Delhi to continue their Protest.

2. Shortage of oxygen supply:

States do not anticipate demand, arrange/ask for supply, do not install oxygen plants despite central govt sanctioning it, but Modi is to be blamed for it. while you can argue, 

Out of 162 PSA plants sanctioned by Govt of India, 33 have already been installed – 5 in MP (BJP ruled),  4 in Himachal Pradesh (BJP ruled), 3 each in Chandigarh (BJP ruled), Gujarat (BJP ruled) & Uttarakhand (BJP ruled), 2 each in Bihar (BJP ruled), Karnataka (BJP ruled) & TL (BJP-ally ruled); and 1 each in AP, CG, Delhi, Haryana (BJP ruled), Kerala, Maharashtra, Puducherry, Punjab & UP (BJP ruled)

A majority of them are ruled by BJP or it’s allies and its the opposition ruled states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Delhi, Chhatisgarh, Andhrapradesh who have been laggards in completing the work while Modi Govt has sanctioned the Budget.

3. Election rallies: 

Modi & Shah should withdraw from Campaigning and let opposition parties get a walkover in the state elections

Elections are taking place in five states in India. Unless there is some alternative or constitutional arrangement to defer the elections, It is not only the duty of political parties but also the right of voters to hear the agenda of various political parties before going to Vote.

All the political parties are conducting large election rallies and roadshows to the Voters. It is unfair, to expect that Narendra Modi and his Party should stop their election campaign, though people like Rana Ayyub may want that, so that their favorite opposition parties get a walk over & win.

BJP had proposed to Election Commission to conduct virtual election campaign, but its the opposition parties which opposed it.

Mamta Bannerjee, who is Chief Minister as well as Health Minister of West Bengal, skipped last four meetings of all the CMs with PM Modi to review Covid preparations.

Instead she is busy with Electioneering in her own state, and addressing Public meetings at Habibpur, Malda and Tapan, Dakshin Dinajpur on 22nd April.

4. Healthcare

Constitutionally states are responsible for healthcare, but Modi is to be blamed for their incompetence.

Healthcare is a State Subject, and it’s the responsibilities of the States to anticipate and make the adequate arrangements.

In the list Corona cases, 8 out of Top 10 States in India, are ruled by non-BJP parties..

There have been repeated advisory issued by Central Govt to the States like Maharshtra  to maintain vigil and don’t let the guard down. However, there were lapses on State Govt side.

Take the case of most affected Maharashtra State, where Rana Ayyub lives. During Covid times Govt was busy in:

  • Giving extortion target of monthly 100 crores from Mumbai’s Restaurants and Bars.
  • Blue eyed boy of ruling party, Police Inspector Sachin Waze, was planting Bombs outside India’s richest Man Mukesh Ambani’s home.
  • Filing Fake Cases against Journalist Arnab Goswami and his Republic Channel who has been relentlessly speaking truth to Power.
  • Demolishing Office of Actress Kangana Ranaut, who has been questioning Maharashtra Govt, for which it was reprimanded by the Court.

5. Vaccine: 

Modi did little effort to encourage Vaccinations

It is factually wrong to claim. Indeed Prime Minister had publicly taken his first and second dose of Vaccine, and repeatedly appealed people to get vaccinated. On the contrary, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, leaders of largest opposition party Congress, are yet to publicly endorse Vaccination.

If at all someone is responsible for spreading Vaccine Hesitancy, its the opposition parties in India, with some even calling it as “BJP Vaccine”. A Congress ruled state Chhatisgarh even went to the extent of rejecting an indigenous vaccine.

6. Vaccine Shortage: 

She goes on to quote Maharashtra Govt shutting down vaccination centers and blames center for it. Would not it be fair to quote on the day when Govt shut down centers, it was in possession of 3.8 days of supply and 8.8 days of supply was in Pipeline.

Could it not have been incompetence of the State Govt in managing the logistics and distribution, or just a feeble attempt to blame someone else for their disastrous handling of Covid in its state?

As per her own claim, she “speaks truth to Power” but where is that courage gone?

She has not criticized and questioned the Maharashtra Govt where she lives, potentially directly impacted by their “mishandling” of the Corona Situation, rather furthering their one sided narrative.

Apparently her entire Career has been built on spreading lies & hatred against Modi, Shah, BJP and she has profited from it, with no consequences.

Arnab Goswami went to jail but kept questioning Maharashtra Govt while sitting in Mumbai. Courage is when there are consequences and you are ready to bear the brunt of it.

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