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Good health can actually knock down Corona

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Soon we are going to face the third wave (as per the analysis of renowned Scientists and researchers around the globe) as for now we are facing the second wave of COVID-19. From our past one year experience of the ways its spreading; one thing is clear that no matter what all safety measures we introduce into our lives, there is still gonna be one or the other loopholes that will help it spread and multiply.

In scientific terms these viruses are “immortal” as they have the ability to change their very chemical structure before we can actually gear up the research process and create a vaccine. So basically in simple terms it’s much more faster in evolving itself before we can think of a cure.

Now the point of writing of this piece of opinion is that these viruses don’t have a better cure than our “immune system” itself. The immune system can easily adapt with the changing structures of viruses within a time period of some days to a week or so, after which the Corona viruses also becomes weak and eventually gets killed inside; aiding our immunity.

This can be confirmed with the example of Rhino virus which is there in the population all around the world causing common cold; affecting us for about 3-5 days depending on the strength of our immunity and we are back to normal once again. The virus has been able to haunt us from generations only because of its ability to evolve.

So what we can conclude here is that this Covid situation will be same sooner or later. The difference is that we are new to it so people with weaker immunity are suffering more. As soon as we develop immunity (same done by the vaccine too) against it, we are safe from its lethal effects.

Now is the time we start to live with it by improving our immunity and try to help others gain good health who are in need right now.

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