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Misuse of journalism- Washington Post

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On 7th April one article was posted by Ms. Rana Ayyub- “Islamophobia taints India’s response to the coronavirus” but actually the same is not happening. We indians are not against Muslims but we are against those who are responsible for wide spread of Coronavirus, here, Tablighi Jamaat. Some of my points can be summarized below:

1. She is targeting Modi based on nothing
2. When an incident is linked to some group, shouldn’t the group be targeted?
3. Then she says”Indian government linked more than a thousand cases”- Actually it is not linked it’s actual figures check regular ICMR press conference.
4. In Delhi: A group of 50 people were banned by CM Kejriwal from 16th: But till 25th there were around 2700 people in that MARKAZ (place).
5. Muslims were not targeted Jamaat was, as many foreigners came to India on tourist visa but they were doing religious meetings, which is clear violation of Law.
6. Then she herself targeted Temple: for your record: there were no advisory, no press note till 25th in MP, Maharasthra, AP. 
7. PM Modi himself said to all people of India to avoid Holi festival (Holi is Hindus one of the biggest festivals) due to corona on 6th March.
8. The man who performed religious ritual is her next target but for her information there was no lockdown or ban of people until 25th in Madhya Pradesh
9. Then she is saying that Muslim men harassing nurses is fake: wow, thats a stand of a MUSLIM Woman who sees nothing beyond religion blinded by the hatred for Modi
10. Muslims attacked doctors who visited for corona screening
11. Not all were fake stories: Men actually spitted, pelted stones, harassed nurses
12. 38% people are from Jamaat of total Indian infected

I think she is not doing journalism but doing propaganda and saving culprits just to be in the diary of liberals.

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