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India- the upcoming superpower

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India for the longest time was a ‘developing nation’ and it still is, but the developments weren’t done until 7 years back. We were under congress’s rule for the longest time, but very little was done. At the time, instead of working hard for progressing the country, the leaders were busy doing corruption. Readers, the pseudos would say that people talk without facts, but under which government did we have the largest amount of scams in the country?

Today, the same people question us on Central Vista. They claim it to be a ‘waste of money. Why? Because the central government is not putting the money in their pockets? Is not allowing corruption? As an Indian, don’t we all want to tell our future generations that this building was built by us, the taxpaying citizens of this country?

The BIGGEST HYPOCRISY readers, when Narendra Modi Ji visited the construction site after a 15 hour flight, instead of appreciating the prime minister’s effort, they judge him! why? Opposition can express their criticism but it needs to be constructive. We are at a point in this country where the opposition just criticizes for the sake of it!

Readers, we are at a point in this country where we are developing so well. Shouldn’t we as citizens be proud of this government and our prime minister? From oxygen cylinders to vaccine doses to various schemes for the poor! What have we lacked? There has been too much damage done by the previous government and they have tried to rectify all of it.

The Young IFS officer Sneha Dubey who spoke at the UN was also criticized saying she didn’t deserve any credit as the speech was given by the higher officials and she ‘just had to read it. Readers, can any of us read with the same conviction, with the same emotion? Absolutely not! Sneha Dubey spoke in a manner that was straightforward yet stern! The pseudos yet again proved that they criticize just for the sake of it!

India is developing in a manner where we are going to become a superpower in a window of 10-15 years. The govt has launched various schemes for the poor, vaccinated millions, did swacch Bharat, launched one of the best apps! arogya sethu! When internationally we are being respected why is our own opposition doing this?

They need some introspection!

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