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Indian Economy

Patchy news about Indian wheat export ban created perplexity

This whole confusion reached to an extent that it gave rise to another headline “G7 criticizes India decision to stop wheat exports: Germany''.

Indian economy: Do you understand

We attributed economic success to the price of the everyday commodity. It not only made wrong economic judgments but invented freebie policies.

Russia-Ukraine crisis and it’s impact on Indian economy

We often encounter the hot debates around the whole concept of capitalism and free market economies.

3 pillars of India’s resurgence

How these changes have happened over the past 7 years is a study in itself, so is the fact that although these were the necessary conditions for India to set stage for propulsion, they are in no way sufficient.

Why does India need Capex?

It becomes important to mention that the composition and texture of government expenditure is of paramount importance for  economic growth.

Expat Industry – An unsung economic force of India

Instead of focusing on complicated and multivariate solutions for Indian economy, Modi government should keep it simple and focus on sending more people abroad.

Swachchh Rupiya Abhiyaan

We speak of ‘Swachchh Bharat Mission’, ‘Safai Abhiyaan/Cleanliness Drive’ etc. and have fixed a time-frame to make India really neat and clean. Similar such initiative is required with respect to Indian currency as still the country has many years to pass when one might expect a nation becoming fully digital and do away with the system of physical currency.

Explained: How petrol and diesel prices are decided in India

International and national affairs combined with the financial consideration of our central and state government keep pushing the fuel price up and down.

India- the upcoming superpower

As an Indian, don't we all want to tell our future generations that this building was built by us, the taxpaying citizens of this country?

Modi coterie trying hard to prove Rahul Right

The sort of one-sided AAI privatization drive benefiting few corporate friends might not have seen the light of the day if Arun Jaitley could have been alive as the Finance Minister beside PM Modi.

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