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Terrorism returns with a vengeance in Israel, USA

The timing of the attack on Israel is especially troubling, occurring just 25 days after the Biden Administration pushed through a controversial US$6 billion hostage deal with Iran.

What is ‘Sudan Conflict’? Sudan crisis simplified

Sudan Conflict:- You might be hearing about Sudan conflict in the news since 'Operation Kaveri'. According to some sources, Sudan is one of the most...

A tale of Jewish spirit: The most intimidating defense

One might argue that it’s the support of America and all other Western allies that confident Israel to be such a formidable force, that’s true too, Israel is getting support from powerful allies, but still, there is something else that empowers Israel, that something is the vigour of the “Jewish Spirit".

Israel, we’ve let you down, again!

It’s a decades-old strategy employed by Islamist terrorist groups like the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad and Hamas, to use civilians as cannon fodder for their political ends.

इसराइल और फ़लस्तीन संघर्ष का इतिहास

इस्राइल के पास अन्य देशों को देने के लिए कई लुभावने आफ़र हैं जिसमे इस्राइल युद्ध तकनीकी, कृषि तकनीकी सबसे महत्तवपूर्ण है। जबकि दूसरी तरफ फीलिस्टीन के पास किसी भी मित्र देश को आफ़र करने के लिए कुछ भी नहीं है जिसकी वजह से कोई देश फलिस्टीन के साथ खड़े हो।

Connecting the Arabian puzzle on Kirana Hills

The RSF9963 certainly carries lethal mysteries if not lethal weapons. Read how and why.

India’s great game in the middle-east

Hinduism gaining attention in Middle East

Israel- Palestine issue and India

Amidst a series of confrontations between the two parties, it remains to be seen whether India can successfully mediate between Israel and Palestine and solve the decades-long dispute.

Relations between India and Israel have reached a new phase

After Brazil and United States Of America, now Israel has also thanked India and praised Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for hydroxychloroquine.

A case study of Jews and Israel: learning lessons for Indians and citizenship amendment bill

Any Jew living anywhere in the world, persecuted or not persecuted can seek refuge and ultimately citizenship of Israel.

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