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A tale of Jewish spirit: The most intimidating defense

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A common belief says it’s the power of the Iron Dome that protects Israel from the rain of Rockets from Hamas right now in the ongoing conflict. Of course, Israel is the world’s finest when it comes to military advancement capabilities and equipped enough to protect its people from any advancing enemy. But is it just Military Power that saves Israel, or is there something else? One might answer that it’s the support of America and all other Western allies that confident Israel to be such a formidable force, that’s true too, Israel is getting support from powerful allies, but still, there is something else that empowers Israel, that something is the vigour of the “Jewish Spirit”.

This Jewish Spirit, which many might call “Zionism”, keeps Israel and Jews alive and making them visible on the world map, otherwise without this Israel would have been wiped out when it was first attacked in 1948 itself by the forces of Arabs. This Jewish Spirit comes from the sense of Civilization Wound, the trauma of an exodus, the plight of being pushed into concentration camps, and the agony of centuries of injustice perpetrated on Jews for just being Jews. Jewish Spirit is about unbreakable unity and strong intentions to protect their community and promised homeland from further invasions.

Israel and the Palestinian issue is not a struggle for an occupied territory, but it’s a Civilizational Struggle and always contested as a holy war by Islamist’s based on the fundamentals of Islamic religious order. For radical Palestinian Jews are dhimmis and infidels who occupying the Palestinian land which is a home of Allah, and this conflict is all about freeing the home of Allah from the infidels and turning this region back into Darl al-Islam (Abode of Islam) from Dar al-Harb (Abode of War)”. This kind of Islamic Supremacy makes peaceful coexisting with Infidels Jews a fallacy, and “Death of Israel and Annihilation of Jews” is only a final desired goal of the Palestinian “resistance” or intifada”.

Muslim fanaticism since the birth of Israel in 1948 played it all part in breaking the Jewish fortitude, from the plight of 8 wars imposed by Arabs on Israel, 2 intifada war waged by Palestinians, and all kinds form daily terrorist attacks: like car bombing, suicide attacks, knife stone-pelting, and hatred antisemitic propaganda against Israel all combined but failed to break the Jewish Spirit.

The cause of Palestine is used by Islamist’s to breed more Islamic Fundamentalism. That’s why every other Jihad organization tries to be a participant in this Palestinian resistance against Israel starting from Hamas, al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS. PFLB to Hezbollah led by Iran all rallies and tires to champion the Palestine cause of resistance based on sheer hatred for Israel and Jews.Many common Palestinian probably seek peaceful coexistence with Israel, but Islamists never let those voices be out.

There is a need for Palestinian resistance not against Israel but the current leadership of Palestine. The common Palestinian who seek peace with Israel must rise against their leadership who incites them to be part of this useless religious war against Jews, and Islamist cult-like Hamas needs to disown by Palestinian people because Hamas believe in making Palestinian suicide bombers rather than educated professionals,

The Palestinian needs democracy and a model of governance which can meet the standard of democracy that exists in the west of Jerusalem. With the thought of Islamic fanaticism and supremacy, it’s quite impossible to break the Jewish Spirit. If Palestinian continue to fight it as a religious war, then they should not complain about why Israel is so ruthless towards them. The power of the Jewish Spirit along with the Iron Dome will keep on making Israel a conqueror in every conflict.

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