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Ashutosh Sharma

Ashutosh Sharma is a first-year engineering student who has exhibited a keen and avid interest in defence, history, diplomacy and geopolitics. He has a unique style of writing which vehemently analyses global scenarios from India's perspective. He has also written pieces on spirituality and dharma.

Connecting the Arabian puzzle on Kirana Hills

The RSF9963 certainly carries lethal mysteries if not lethal weapons. Read how and why.

From Tehran to New Delhi- An enigma of interests

Tehran may turn to be a vital strategic partner or a liability or even a threat in the long run.

Light- A spiritual view

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad contains a well-known verse that talks about "going from darkness to light" to attain immortal bliss. Yet, realising the light in what you believe is in your own hands.

The nysteries of elephant-dragon dance

The backbone of China’s politics is Mao Zedong’s ideology, their 'great' rulers, and their unfulfilled dreams. President Xi Jinping is vehemently pursuing this Chinese Superpower Dream, and his expansionist policies are his heritage.

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