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Degree in Law and Science; Master's in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. Accomplished leader with over 40 years of successful experience in global business management. Demonstrated ability of revenue generation while promoting business strategy on international basis - largely based in Europe. Initially, nominated by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India as India's Representative to UNITED NATIONS-IPS, Paris and Zurich and since 1993, Director, Europe, CII, Cologne, Germany. Since 2004, Managing Director, Europe, Reliance Europe. Expertise: India & EU market entry strategies, cross-cultural trainer in aspects of doing business, M&A transactions, joint ventures, legal contract negotiations, litigation, arbitration & disputes resolution, FDI pitching & negotiations, and post merger integration, technical collaborations, joint ventures. Leadership Coach & Cross-Cultural Trainer noted for establishing team synergies. Articulate communicator with strong interpersonal skills; establishing and strengthening professional liaisons with European and Indian governments and corporations at Board level. Possess significant expertise in high level negotiations with remarkable success in employing best practices and boosting productivity. Proven success-generating business across cultures and providing business leadership combined with legal and financial aptitude required to deliver superlative returns for shareholders. Frequent guest lecturer at European management schools. Op-Ed Columnist for a leading Indian business newspaper.

Milk Wars – Milma must “shape-up” or “ship-out”!

Companies like MILMA, which fail to adapt and improve, may face the consequence of being forced out of the market. MILMA must on the contrary, embrace competition and enhance their competitiveness to thrive in the marketplace.

Enacting laws against insulting heads of state in India: Learning from Germany’s example

Drawing inspiration from Germany's legal framework, India can strike the right balance between safeguarding public figures from insults and preserving the essence of a vibrant democracy.

Dharma Dand: The path to ethical living

Dharma Dand is an integral part of Hindu philosophy which offers profound wisdom and guidance for ethical living.

Palakkad– Vision 2050 

2050 Palakkad will be highly cosmopolitan and multicultural, multi-ethnic society. Migrant workers from within and outside the State – both white and blue collar, added to the population.

India – The big energy reset

In India we are moving our economy onto a low carbon path and in this context, the Prime Minister of India has already made a firm commitment and a timeline associated with the necessary transition to this path.

Rahul Bajaj – A trailblazer, an icon

We have lost a great intellectual, a trailblazer, an icon and a man of great ideas. Rahul Bajaj not only pioneered many businesses, but he also equally built countless lives and touched communities in many positive ways. At 83, he died too soon.

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