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Is India’s real self rule from 2014- flustering the non state organizations?

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

Can anyone reason it out as to why a Billionaire not connected to India by birth, family or business interests of significance is interested in a regime change in India? Why is George Soros working overtime to unseat a democratically elected mass leader on the back of the most ironical excuse of saving the Indian democracy?

If Mr. George Soros is so much enamored with democracy and its preciousness to defend it in every nook and corner of the world by lavishing out millions of money, then why is that he is shying away from confronting the communists/authoritarian regimes like N.Korea, China, Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. Why is he interested in India where the Democracy is quite safe?

Mr. G.S was declared a persona non grata in his own country of birth, Hungary, as he was found to disrupt the ruling regime’s strict immigration policy. Incidentally George Soros was also seen taking the cudgels for Rohingyas cause with Indian govt. There have also been allegations that Soros was behind the brother hood movement in Egypt.

His support for the boycott movement of Jewish state clearly brings into focus the true religious leanings of Mr. Soros. Even though he was born as a Jew it is said that he posed as a Christian to escape persecution in the concentration camps of the Nazis and since then has been a Christian sympathizer although he outwardly poses to be a man with no religious leanings.

Mr. George Soros is a very rich man, it is not clear as to how he made is money. He is described as an investor. That could mean anything from a stock market punter to opportunistic speculative investor in appreciating assets to possibly even a money laundering agent. He is also accused of cornering and paralyzing the Bank of England through currency market manipulations in the past. George Soros’s ill reputation to cause disruptions in various govts has been well documented. However what is really  mysterious is his real intention and the real source of his funding behind all these disruptive acts. No business man worth his salt would be found squandering away his hard earned money in disrupting established govts in various Nations, without a tangible return on his investments. If Mr.GS is spurred  by philanthropic sentiments, then  there are hundreds of avenues that would be vying for his attention and that which would not have anything to do with destabilizing of govts.

Two logical questions follow– Whether the money being squandered belongs to him or is he the fund manager of other financially very powerful institutions? On matters of refugees, why does he feel the compulsive need to poke his nose and assume extra constitutional status over the concerned official  U.N body?  

If we follow the quizzing trail of who or which could be that powerful and rich institutions whose interests converges with what Mr. G.S is explicitly attempting, then we may find some possible clues to arrive at a reliable guess as to the mysterious hand behind GS.

Next to economically advanced countries, most richest institutional bodies are the Abrahamic religious  bodies. The Abrahamic religions are obsessed with ever expanding numbers of its followers and the missionary activities cost lot of money for which there is no dearth of funds from its donors. The attainment of their objectives, however depend  on some congenial environment.

The congenial environment for Religious conversions  at the outset would envisage- a weak govt which can be arm twisted to toe the lines laid by the religious organizations or else made to face the consequence of losing the political power through weakening of its support base. A kind of quid pro arrangement with the govts that spells out “you overlook our activities and we assure you support base“ augurs well for these groups.

The next factor in the congenial environment for religious  conversion is lowly developed state of economy with wide spread poverty and illiteracy. The tribal belts of India experience maximum  religious  conversions. Many of us would have witnessed and heard about sustained agitation by poor village population against some economic development project coming up in their vicinity.

These villagers are so poor that they cannot sustain even a single day without earning their daily lively hood, but surprisingly enough they would be seen participating in months long protest. Any economic development would rob away the potential inducement power of money in influencing the religious conversions or would perhaps make the religious conversion projects that much a costlier proposition. The prolonged kundakulam project stands out as a vivid example of engineered protest by missionaries.

Another fertile ground for religious conversions is the refugee camps and relief camps where people uprooted from their main dwellings are forced to live in subhuman conditions. Many of them become easy prey for religious conversions. There have been news reports that Yazdi refugees in Middle East have complained that there had been undue pressure on them by the relief providing missionaries to adapt to Christianity. Even in the Rohingya refugee camps near Bangalore there have been reports of refugees converting to Christianity.

At this juncture if should we take an eagle’s eye view, then it could be clearly seen that the objectives that GS and the Missionary institutions pursue have great degree of convergence. Therefore a hypothesis that George Soros is indeed a most plausible front manager for the rich religious institution gains much credence. With his prowess in making riches in investment market, George Soros would become the ideal man to manage the huge funds of richest religious institution through appropriate investments. He would also become an ideal ally in pursuing their end objective without inviting undue publicity on them especially given his Jewish background.

Juxtaposed against their objective of ever expanding conversions of faiths, the changed scenario in India post 2014 that saw A strong govt headed by a Leader who cannot be arm twisted and also a strong political party that cannot be brow beaten by blackmails that hinges upon erosion of support base, does present a big botheration for the syndicate of GS and the missionaries. 

That Modi’s speedily rocketing popularity, the anti conversion laws passed by many states and India’s assured fast strides in the economic development- poses a very big challenge for the merchants of conversion will rank as  the rank bad understatement ever. Modi’s govt further dealt a deathly blow to these groups by coming down very heavily on many wayward and dubious NGOS. Many of these dubious NGOs instead of coming clean on indictments by the Govt agencies opted to close down their shutters. It is very shocking that even Institutions like Amnesty International, preferred to shut their offices than open them to bona fide govt scrutiny. George Soros’s fully funded Open society foundation too had to face lot of heat in this regard.   

It was then natural to expect the counter attack from these peeved group of forces and thus started a well orchestrated chorus of “Democracy under threat” & “save democracy” campaigns through all the well known sources that practice anti Modism for a price  to put the Modi govt on the back foot. The western Media biggies like NYT, WP, Time, Guardian and not to forget the BBC all of them have their regular source of fund from the richest religious institution fully assured all in return for a negative publicity campaign to be unleashed by them on the current ruling regime in India.

In Modi’s case his govt had to contend with not only the menace of missionary forces that were driving turbulence but also on the other hand his govt had to deal severely with the Chinese sponsored disturbances and dissensions with the collusion of Jihadists.

Thus for many political scribes and anti Modi organizations the pursuit of anti Modism presented a gold mine that was there for their taking. The Democracy in peril narrative that is being fabricated and pushed around by them brings up a valid question as to whose democracy is in peril? The increasing voter base of Modi govt does not give any such indication what so ever.

Day in and day out many depraved elements in the opposition parties compete with each other to  abuse Modi in a most derogative language. Every issue is dragged from Parliament on to the street  democracy. People  get away with passing unsubstantiated disparaging remarks  over  constitutional bodies like election commission, Judiciary etc. As a matter of fact  many such provocative  acts are willfully indulged only with the sole  intention of inviting action from the authorities so that such actions could be advanced as a case of  disregard  for Democratic rights. Out in the real world away from the media world  –  One wonders  where  would one find signs of democracy in Peril . Oh ! Yes of course  !  some extra privileges and extra degrees of freedom  enjoyed under weaker  regimes  by  few  of  these  fear mongers of  ‘Democracy under peril “  chorus  group    would definitely  have  melted away .   

The neighborhood country Pakistan has  a track record of Military regimes interspersed with democratically elected govts under the remote control of the country’s army . But  curiously  enough  The NGOs and the prodemocracy activists have  nothing to do with it . Even in the  Indian state of  J&K  when  the very basic tenet of democracy , that of guaranteeing equal opportunity to all  was denied to state’s non Muslim population , the post 2014  very   busy ‘ save   democracy’ activists  were then   found  enjoying Lutyen club privileges without any care for the refugees from that state . All the same  this very gang was ultra  quick to come to the rescue  of  the  stone pelters  , suicide bombers  and arsonists  by   fighting  for their rights .

Very unfortunately   for the “ Democracy  in peril “  chorus  group   ,  some important developments  have  gone against their  interests . Congress  has taken a heavy drubbing in many elections  without any conviction  left  for  its revival  , the hope of AAP filling up  the opposition lead party role  has been blown away with no hope of  getting  restored again ,  the coalition govt  experiments  everywhere  continue to   come out as cropper thus  reinforcing the public faith in  backing a single majority party . The international developments have caused  major realignment in foreign policy of many countries  . India under Modi has emerged  has a very  crucial  ally for the US and western powers  , including Australia  and Japan . A govt under the aegis  of   those parties which signed secret MOU with china  will hardly  have any backing from these block of Nations . Thus  squandering  millions in the name of creating a typhoon but having to contend  with creating  minor ripples  , will become  the year round ordeal   for the “ Democracy in peril “  narrative peddlers .  

 There is  enough of discernible evidences from  very  many  tool kit exposures  as  to conclusively  establish that the countries opposition  strategy  is being charted   by the non state organizations  , that in turn  would  throw up a very scary  and disquieting  implication  as to what could have been   the  state of affairs when today’s opposition was in power ?  could  it have been  the case of  govt policy being charted  by the  non state organizations ???  making a  sham of the  process  of   Democratically  elected govts .

 Are  we Indians  overlooking  the  stark  reality  that perhaps  the year 2014  really  ushered  in the Independent self rule  for  India the first time around  , although  the country celebrates  75 years  of Independence .  

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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