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George Soros

Why we must acknowledge the flaws in V-Dem’s ‘Democracy Report’

The Sweden-based research institute V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy), in its latest report titled "Defiance in the Face of Autocratization," has estimated that today 72% of the population of the world—5.7 billion people—live in an autocracy of some sort, while only 13% live in a liberal democracy.

Is India’s real self rule from 2014- flustering the non state organizations?

Can anyone reason it out as to why a Billionaire not connected to India by birth, family or business interests of significance is interested in a regime change in India?

Is America heading towards a civil war?

Following indictment of Donald Trump, controversial billionaire George Soros issued a rare statement and is attempting to distance himself from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Soros, Jairam Ramesh and his ‘Nehruvian Legacy’: Part-II

Inviting western anti-Hindu NGOs to destroy India and Hindus any which way the foreigners like, without govt. checks and balances, or perhaps with express Nehruvian approval.

Soros, Jairam Ramesh and his ‘Nehruvian Legacy’- Part-1

The "Nehruvian Legacy" Jairam Ramesh talks about concerning foreign NGOs is full of anti-nationalism.

Why SOROS can’t pull another Antifa or BLM or Capitol insurrection in India

The world at large supports and believes in Modi and his helping hands have won him more friends all over the world.

Don’t defy Prof. Babones bravado, instead introspect

India is secular only because it is Hindu majority.

Project Pegasus or trojan horse?

Indeed what is worrying that the government is not snooping on the people. It shows its pusillanimous attitude with National Security.

George Soros: An outsider, who is financially supporting “Anti-Indian Community”

George Soros who has openly stated that he is against Modi and BJP's ideology of making India a developed country. His major target is HINDUS.

Hypocrisy of Indian civil society and their Western sponsors: A rejoinder

Shashi Tharoor and his lame allegation on PM Modi, once again torn apart!

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