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Project Pegasus or trojan horse?

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I personally feel that the Pegasus saga has exposed the gross incompetence of the government in terms of national security. Spying on anti-national elements is legitimate. The NSA of US in fact eavesdrops on all international calls.  

My biggest concern on this Pegasus saga is that the government is not doing a good job of spying. Certified anti-nationals like Mehbooba, Owaisi, the Abdullah’s, Prannoy Roy and the NDTV crowd, Chidambaram, Kanimozhi, Kejriwal, the Tamil separatists crowd led by Ezra Sargunam, Khalistani sympathizers like Sidhu, JNU Tukde Tukde gang like Shehla, Umar Khalid, Arundhati Roy, Rana Ayubb, Mominaa Begum, and Lady Voldemort herself are all missing. Not to mention the Xinhua of India corporation members like N. Ram and his family, Ram Guha, Kavita Krishnan, are also not in the list.  

Why would anyone want to listen to the alcoholic Swati Chaturvedi? Then there are others who are outraged like Boxer Sardesai and his deranged wife who are outraged at the absolute disdain the govt has for them that they are not even considered worthy of being tapped. The question to be asked of the government is why are they not spying on these people. Even the ones they have ostensibly spied seems to be very staggered timelines.  All this makes me believe that the government is either grossly incompetent or this whole thing is orchestrated deep state fake news designed to outrage.

It will be a very insecure or incompetent of government or leadership that will spy on their own especially political lightweights like Ashwini Vaishnaw (before he entered politics), Smriti Irani (in 2014 was a novice), the MoS Prahlad Patel etc. And why Pravin Togadia and Vasundhara Raje’s secretary? It just does not make any sense.  

Unless this is just a way to cause confusion in the ranks of the ruling party and its allies. Granted that Raje and Togadia don’t see eye to eye with the BJP leadership but what if this spyware was inserted and this leak is timed to generate resentment amongst the VHP cadres and Raje supporters. The first one will affect 2022 UP elections when Togadia and his allies don’t wholeheartedly support Yogi, and the second one will ensure that Gehlot govt will continue its full term. Or may be it already did – Raje’s studied silence during Sachin Pilots rebellion?  

Whatever you may say about Modi and Shah there is no doubt on their political acumen. They could have easily continued the spying and won Bengal- after all they would have all inside knowledge of PK and the Banerjee boy. Indeed if they were actually doing good spying they would not have let the mob run riot in Delhi both during the farmers protests and earlier during the CAA bill. Some of the dates mentioned were prior to 2019- Amit Shah was not a minister. Does it mean Rajnath Singh did the spying? 

Indeed what is worrying that the government is not snooping on the people. It shows its pusillanimous attitude with National Security. 

I cannot believe that this government is so inept in terms of political acumen and national security. If so, it’s a worry.

Now let’s take the second theory that this is a deep fake. There are enough data points to come to the conclusion that this is part of an attack on strong leaders by deep state network led by George Soros. 

1.Look at who are being targeted 1. Hungary 2. Saudi Arabia 3. France 4. India and many others – all nations that are redefining their nationhood. Who are not there – Canada, USA, UK  

2. Who is doing the analysis  – the ultra left liberal media along with the Soros’s Amnesty International. You may recall that Amnesty is banned in India for subverting rules for foreign donations. They were using foreign money to create domestic discontent. Now connect the dots. 

3. The people creating a hullabulloo ie the Liars from Wire, Rahul Gandhi, Swati Chaturvedi, Prashant Kishor and few other opposition guys like Banerjee boy are all known Modi haters. Is it not possible for all of them to come together, to volunteer their phones, install Pegasus (only for a short period)? Then they can scream “Fascist”! For added effect, add some phone numbers of BJP leaders and their associates, some judges, businessmen and bureaucrats to cause dissension in the ranks of the BJP supporters. After all their Chinese paymasters believe in Sun Tzus maxim “All warfare is based on deception”. This is the Trojan Horse.

4. If they have access to the DB, what’s stopping them from releasing all the chats? Why were the timelines staggered? The logical reason is they have been careful with the timelines, and their chats would be innocuous. If indeed, it’s a govt ordered tapping, their misdeeds may come to light.  

5. Obvious folks like CPM , NDTV and Mehbooba are missing. Did the conspirators know that the anti-national activities of the above will be exposed and was it the reason they are not in the list? Logically, this is what it is – the next stage in the disinformation campaign against Narendra Modi. 

Speaking of deception, the trend we see is the Hindu RW is getting split. Some of it is justified, some not. Modi and co need to course correct on certain core issues pertaining to the Hindu cause like Temples freedom, correction of history, no special rights to minorities and upholding the Hindu nature of India by passing laws against conversions and bringing UCC. At the same time, the RW needs to realize that Modi is the last person standing between Hindus and Ghazwa E Hind. Hindus have been their own worst enemies and we have been defeated by our own differences which is what is happening now. Time to set aside our differences at the time of elections but also get the core issues addressed by applying suitable pressure.. 

India is not India without Hinduism. And the conspirators above are enemies of Hindus and thus enemies of India.The government needs to act promptly now!

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