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Why SOROS can’t pull another Antifa or BLM or Capitol insurrection in India

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1.Riots don’t work: Indians and the government have seen perennial riots in the last few years. The people ignore as always and the government knows it’s best to handle them.

2.Sanction Immune: If India could negotiate through Russia-Ukraine crisis without sanctions, EAM and the PMO can overcome any sanctions in the future easily.

3.Investor confidence: Investor confidence is at an all time high on Modi’s government and specially Modi’s clean image and there wont be any dent in future investments

4.PFI Ban: PFI is banned and uprooted at the right time which is the source of all evils and all riot orchestrations

5.Pauper Pakistan: Pakistan is bankrupt and they can’t even think of meddling into Indian affairs now. Roti, Kapda, Makaan first for them and Kashmir, Khalistan and Khilafat later.

6.Inexistent Naxals: Urban naxals and naxal movements in most high risk zones were done and dusted.

7.Inexistent Congress: Congress can’t even pull a local dharna and it’s credibility and fighting back spirit is at its lowest and it can’t create a national level unrest to it’s advantage.

8.Raising threat: Khalistan is one that needs to be watched and their activities and funds need to be tightly sealed, the government is conscious about their plans and agendas

9.The Bottleneck: The most important ones to be observed in this period are the few gullible Indian Muslim groups that incite widespread violence and stroke controversies with fake propaganda. Government is making an all out effort to reach them.

Silver Lining:
The world at large supports and believes in Modi and his helping hands have won him more friends all over the world. Modi & Shah have systematically destroyed all channels and sources that can destabilize this country and India is looking safe and sound. Soros will face his first loss in India in the hands of Modi & Shah.

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