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Is America heading towards a civil war?

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research scholar, and counterterrorism specialist. He regularly writes for local and international newspapers.

Following the March 30 indictment of former US President Donald Trump for allegations of making hush payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, Democrats have started celebration and are demanding imprisonment of Joe Biden’s key political rival. In a tweet, Stormy Daniel said:

Thank you to everyone for your support and love! I have so many messages coming in that I can’t respond … also don’t want to spill my champagne. #Teamstromy merch/autograph orders are pouring in, too! Thank you for that as well but allow a few extra days for shipment.

Stormy Daniels’ tweet has over 5.8 million views with 7,700 retweets and more that 104 thousand likes.

Meanwhile, as the Secret Service works out the details of transporting Donald Trump to New York City to be arraigned on April 4, 2023 following his indictment on March 30 by a Manhattan grand jury, reports have said the former president should have some familiarity with the judge assigned his case.

NBC NewYork reported on March 31 that Trump is likely to be arraigned on April 4 in Judge Juan Merchan’s court. Merchan “recently presided over the case of the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, as well as the tax fraud trial in which the family’s company was found guilty on 17 counts including charges of conspiracy and falsifying business records”, the report said.

Weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 counts and testified against the company, admitting his involvement in a scheme to defraud federal, state, and city tax authorities. He was subsequently sentenced to five months in jail. He was taken to Rikers Island after turning himself in on an agreed-upon date and he is currently serving his sentence.

However, according to a plethora of legal experts, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case is exceptionally weak.

“The question to ask yourself in a case like this [is], ‘Would a case like this be brought against anybody else, whether he or she be president, former president or a regular citizen?’ The answer is… no”, Former Whitewater deputy counsel Sol Wisenberg told the New York Post.

“You can debate all day long whether or not… Trump should be indicted related to the records at Mar-a-Lago, whether or not he should be indicted with respect to Jan. 6 incitement of lawless activity… Those are real crimes if they occurred, and he committed them”, he said. “This is preposterous”.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said in an interview with Fox News that the case is “outrageous”.

“[Bragg] is attempting to bootstrap [a] federal crime into a state case. And if that is the basis for the indictment, I think it’s rather outrageous”, the professor said.

“I think it’s illegally pathetic”, he said. “There’s a good reason why the Department of Justice did not prosecute this case: Because it’s been down this road before. It tried a case against former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards arguing that hush money paid to another woman, who bore a child out of that relationship, was a campaign violation. That was a much stronger case, but they lost”, Turley said, referring to federal prosecutors not charging Trump following Cohen’s guilty plea.

“Even if you can bootstrap that dead misdemeanor to something alive, you’re essentially arguing a federal case that the Department of Justice declined. But it’s also a case that requires you to show, if that is the basis of this indictment, that Trump’s only, his sole motive for paying this money or having third parties pay it was for the election”, he said.

“Bragg’s betting on a motivated judge and a motivated juror. You couldn’t pick a better jurisdiction…. [But] under Bragg’s theory, he can take any unproven federal crime and revive a long-dead misdemeanor and turn it into a felony. That’s going to raise concerns for a number of judges. But once it gets to the appellate level, he’s going to have a particularly difficult time”, he said.

George Soros distances himself from Alvin Bragg

Following indictment of Donald Trump, controversial billionaire George Soros issued a rare statement and is attempting to distance himself from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“As for Alvin Bragg, as a matter of fact, I did not contribute to his campaign and I don’t know him”, Soros told Semafor. “I think some on the right would rather focus on far-fetched conspiracy theories than on the serious charges against the former president”.

In May 2021, George Soros donated US$1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which, shortly after receiving the donation, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars backing Bragg’s campaign.

“Federal Election Commission records show that Soros’ donation was the largest the Color of Change PAC received throughout the 2022 election cycle and ultimately made up roughly 25 percent of the US$3.9 million the group hauled in”, Fox News reported.

But according to Fox News, Soros’ family members did directly back Bragg’s campaign. Soros’ son, Jonathan Soros, and Jonathan’s wife, Jennifer Allan Soros, donated directly to Bragg’s committee.

Jonathan Soros sent a US$10,000 check to the now-district attorney’s coffers on April 26, 2021, state filings show. Three days later, on April 29, 2021 Jennifer Allan Soros added a US$10,000 contribution to the campaign. While other individuals provided more direct cash to his committee, the couple were among the field of some of its biggest donors. The contributions were also uncommon for the pair, as they generally do not get financially involved with district attorney races, though they have donated to other New York political campaigns and issue groups.

During an interview to Fox News, Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz said: “Remember Soros gave Alvin Bragg a million dollars. We’re used to seeing these things. Government printing money till it goes out of style in third world countries and that’s being visited in the United States of America. I spoke with President Trump moments ago and he’s resolute and concerned about what this does to America’s brand around the world.

“We will wake up in a very different America because we can no longer have moral authority against the dictators who would always find it easier to jail their political rivals than to compete against them in free and fair elections. I remember my Democrat colleagues about Comey making derogatory comments about Clinton before the election. This must ring a thousand times louder to them. I believe there are federal equities at play that the United States Congress is about to evaluate.

“We don’t want to resolve differences through violence but the Chinese communist party can pay every grifter but Donald Trump can’t pay Stormy Daniels without a legal dispute. There’s a legal element that’s not met by any evidence. They would have to prove that Donald Trump would have no reason other than the election to try to resolve this issue with Stormy Daniels privately and outside of the public sphere. I think a motion to dismiss will happen next. If this were ever to be tried, you could not do it in Manhattan. You would see a change of venue in upstate New York. Maybe it’s the only place Donald Trump could get a fair trial. I expect this will be resolved well before that by any court that looks at the way that the law is being tortured in the absence of any charge that would be maintainable against any human being on the Planet Earth other than Donald Trump and against Trump it’s clearly political”.

What is next? While the United States has been boasting of being a democracy, now leading politicians in the country are already branding Joe Biden as a dictator and America as a Banana Republic. As adult film star Stormy Daniels and supporters of the Democratic Party have started celebrating Donald Trump’s indictment by opening champagne bottles, it will surely generate anger within the Republicans and those Americans who do not have any political affiliations. Once such anger crosses a limit, it may ultimately result in confrontations, riots and finally a civil war. And once a civil war breaks out in the United States, Joe Biden will be remembered in history for his role in pushing the US towards destruction and a dark era.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research scholar, and counterterrorism specialist. He regularly writes for local and international newspapers.
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