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United States

American envoys cause damage to relations with host countries

American envoys and diplomats stationed in a number of countries are accused of playing a notorious role that would eventually jeopardize bilateral relations.

Pakistan is America’s backstabbing ally

American policymakers now need to reboot their Pakistan policy and its decades-old support towards Islamabad, as such relations can only risk America’s own interest in the region, as Pakistan has always been playing the role of a backstabber.

Challenges and consequences centering Bangladesh 2024 general elections

Should BNP refrain from participating in the upcoming election and repeat its boycott policy as it had in 2014, the next general elections shall be mainly contested between ruling Awami League and main opposition in the current parliament – Jatiya Party, a party formed by military dictator General Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

The need and challenges to amend the Labor Laws in India

Recently, a big IT firm within India that employs lacs of personnel has sacked approximately 3500 employees because citing the reason of implementing AI, which makes it prudent that India should do some modifications in its labor laws because believe it or not, the day when India will have to make a decision about it is soon approaching.

Is America heading towards a civil war?

Following indictment of Donald Trump, controversial billionaire George Soros issued a rare statement and is attempting to distance himself from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

You’re a bully, Mr. Putin

Hindus don't hate Muslims as I said, they hate the ideologies which harm them, to assure peace, communities have to come together and talk, there must be compromises, from both sides, and Hindus are majority should be understood and some respect not all, but some should be given to the people.

Towards a sustainable peace in eastern Europe

Despite Russian denials, it was becoming increasingly obvious what Russia really wanted as its troops surged because Russia had invaded Ukraine in 2014 and seized its territory. Now, eight years later, Russia may be looking to consolidate its earlier gains.

The US-China power struggle in the Pacific Ocean region

The Pacific region is becoming a pawn in the game of power politics among traditional and regional powers over recent years. The assertive and...

When would Mufti and Abdullah be set free?

India’s enemies are investing much in the hope that Muftis and Abdullahs would be free soon

The United States sins are least discussed

India cannot expect genuine help from the US, Pakistan is backed by Western forces to infiltrate terrorists into India

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