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The United States sins are least discussed

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media

President Donald Trump has said the United States has foolishly handed Pakistan more than $US33 billion in aid over the last 15 years while getting nothing in return and pledged to put a stop to it.

Why the hell US spent so much money on Pakistan even after knowing that terrorist Osama Bin Laden got safe shelter in Pakistan! One cannot sweep this under carpet by just saying the US committed foreign policy blunder. It’s an act of proxy, aiding Islamic Jihad against India.

Let us recall the glimpses of History. British purposely aided the Urdu institution in India. They helped Jinnah to create a separate nation on Islamic principles. In Africa, they just aided Islamic Jihad, then cracked down on it and started preaching Christianity. Throughout history, one can notice a hidden alliance of Islam and Christianity. Yes we cannot deny Crusade wars but we can see even in India, Christian NGOs are the first one to appease Islamic institutions.

When over a thousand Hindus are killed and a quarter million Hindus ethnically cleansed in Kashmir, the world media doesn’t even notice, but watch the worldwide hue and cry when a few local riots take place. Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end.

targeted us
Non Christians: Victims of Christianity

US hypocrisy on fighting terrorism

The US considers Saudi Arabia as a vital partner. Let us not restrict this to oil greed because the US has a great number of domestic oil resources. The US bombarded Iraq on charges of a weapon of mass destruction which they never found. The US never bombarded Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi citizen and zakat money by Saudi is utilized in terrorism.

In the case of Pakistan, the US just give a stern warning and Pakistan continues to receive financial aid. But in Yemen scenario is completely different. The US-Saudi coalition is targeting Yemen’s energy and water infrastructure, causing the worst cholera outbreak in history. When the United States does evil abroad, it’s almost always shrouded in secrecy and deception.

The hypocrisy

The US aiding terrorist groups

We know that stone pelters in Kashmir are funded by Pakistan. Even with so much funding most of them are throwing stones and do not have sophisticated weapons. Some terrorist groups have AK-47 and other small scale bombs.

How ISIS got advanced weapons? Amnesty International said in its report that- The stockpile of weaponry being used by Islamic militants to kill, terrorize, and attack hapless civilians worldwide actually came from more than 25 countries including China, Russia, US, and the European Union states.

How can India expect US cooperation with the honest spirit in fighting Islamic Jihad of Pakistan?

The Theatrics of world bodies putting sanctions on Pakistan

The Tribune news report of December 2015 had a piece that more than 300 million euros projects will be set up for rural development of Pakistan. EU thinks that poverty fuels religious extremism. Well, Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist and belonged to one of the richest family of the Middle East. Hafiz Saeed lives a luxurious life.

The US is steadily losing its ground on the Afghan war. Delaying grant of $1 billion to Pakistan and compelling it to take strong action against the Haqqani network will not serve any purpose.

Pakistan military got four Russian Mi-35M attack helicopters. It clearly means that there is no differentiation done on basis of Cold War alliance.

India should not get satisfied by a measure like- FATF might put Pakistan into greylist.

Greylist has no meaning at all. North Korea got all Chinese aid and different colour lists just faded off. Even from 2012-15 such actions were taken against Pakistan what India got after that was Pathankot and Uri attacks.

False allegations by the US on India

India and the US already had a serious face off during WTO negotiations. The WTO ruling went against India for favouring local manufacturers in solar development programmes. It shows clear hypocrisy of West. On one hand, they pollute more and pressurize us to reduce. On the other hand, they want to kill our domestic manufacturers who are working hard on solar projects.

The US panel also accused the Indian police and judiciary of being biased and flawed to “create a pervasive climate of impunity in which religious minorities feel increasingly insecure and have no recourse when religiously-motivated crimes occur’’

Supreme Court of India refused to order investigations against criminals of Kashmiri Hindus. Hindus in Kashmir were butchered by Islamic Jihadist, judiciary refused to take any action still the US thinks that the Indian system is biased towards Hindus!

Clever ploy

John Dayal is past President of All India Catholic Union.John Dayal gave testimony against India in US House of Representatives on April 4, 2014. This man is an expert in blaming Hindus all the time. None of the Indian news channels debated this for a continuous stretch as they did in the Dadri case.

The crackdown by Modi Government on Christian backed NGOs become headlines of the US and UK newspapers. It’s a well-known fact that Teresa never did any charity she just converted poor into Christianity. It was amazing to see how Western media is interested in Akhlaiq.

Many Christian pastors are convicted in various serious offences but still, Hindus are seen as persecutors.


India cannot expect genuine help from the US. Pakistan is backed by Western forces to infiltrate terrorists into India. Some people say that the US is owned by Jews as AIPAC lobby is strong and the US helped Israel out of turn is sighted as evidence. Also, the way US Presidents pray on Jewish sites of Jerusalem creates doubt.

Nevertheless, the best way to tackle Pakistan is to stop their way and we can do that within the limits of the Indus Water Treaty.

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media
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