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An appeal to progressive Muslims of India

There are many Muslims in India who have made India proud, and many more continue to do so.

Jihadi preacher’s channel gets deleted by YouTube for inspiring terror attack, journalist Rana Ayyub expresses solidarity with preacher

Some Indian twitter users noticed Ayyub's tweet which prominently featured the jihadi motivational speaker Israr Ahmed and assumed self radicalisation was a daily routine for "liberal Muslim" Rana Ayyub.

Lessons from Trumpland: Until the police arrive

Tribute to Veer Savarkar, a visionary who had called upon Hindus to militarize long ago. He had seen this predicament and knew that Hindus need to be militarized to survive against a bloodthirsty ideology after centuries of subjugation.

How to get Citizenship, the “Lib-Secular” way

With such a lot of sophisticated methods of demanding citizenship, the Liberal-Seculars of India hope that Abdul will soon be given citizenship under the CAB. Long live liberalism. Long live secularism!

The United States sins are least discussed

India cannot expect genuine help from the US, Pakistan is backed by Western forces to infiltrate terrorists into India

Kashmiriyat and other betrayals of India

The anti-Hindu brigade bunch is partly “brainwashed” and mostly “funded” which either way is not good for India’s unity.

When a dumb Sagarika Ghose shared a dumber article

A detailed response to Prof. Jeff Kingston for his Hinduphobic essay

Talaq or Jihad — the pattern in liberal response

Why are our liberals more interested in giving justice to Islam than giving justice to the victims?

कन्हैय्या और जश्न-ए-जिहादी

कन्हैया छाती ठोक कर आतंकवादी जिहाद को समर्थन दे रहा है। हम अपना भविष्य और अपने आने वाली पीढ़ी का भविष्य बचा पाएँगे या नहीं? ये एक बड़ा प्रश्न है।

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