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When a dumb Sagarika Ghose shared a dumber article

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Saket Suryesh
Saket Suryesh
A technology worker, writer and poet, and a concerned Indian. Writer, Columnist, Satirist. Published Author of Collection of Hindi Short-stories 'Ek Swar, Sahasra Pratidhwaniyaan' and English translation of Autobiography of Noted Freedom Fighter, Ram Prasad Bismil, The Revolutionary. Interested in Current Affairs, Politics and History of Bharat.

There is a distasteful exercise currently being undertaken by the media, which instead of reporting the news, has taken it upon itself to create news and become an opposition to the Government. This is manifestation of a frustration over having lost the pimping rights to the policy formation of the nation with the change of Government in 2014.

Most editors and journalists of leftists-leaning ideology and beneficiaries of erstwhile Congress government – when they acted as conduits and go-between for arranging policies, portfolios and favors – have been so clinical in their hatred that they are no longer bothered with truth.

This is not a fool-hardy step for them as they risk their credibility; it is a well-calculated attempt of desperation – to restore the old order of the Lutyen’s. The credibility is already at all time low, further compounded with absurdly nonsensical tweets; for instance, senior journalists crazily tweeting about riot situation, and then deleting them once pointed out about the baselessness of such the tweet.

They are almost campaigning for a political party; abundantly praising a party for great infrastructure, which magically evaporates once the party that the leftist-liberal media did not support comes into power in UP, to their dismay.

The tweets would come, exist for a while, create outrage, come well-coordinated, blatantly identically-worded from the fraternity of foolishly arrogant journalists, and then when pointed out for being factually incorrect, will be deleted, if the journalist has any shame or fear, which is rare these days.

One such journalist, tweeted this article by Jeff Kingston in the Japan Times. This came right around the time, the journalist couple and their tactical team of traitors began tweeting about a protest defaming the historically tolerant culture of India; a nation which had a majority Hindu community, first ruled by Muslims for a period of around 400 years and then by Christian whites for around 200 years.

The nation got freedom in 1947, and while the partitioned geography, which currently cries hoarse about alleged fall in secular values in India, promptly became theocratic Islamic state, India remained a secular state.

Indian Constituent assembly which was tasked with the designing of the structure of newly-independent state, chose to not be a Hindu nation, as was envisioned by the British when they created Pakistan for Muslims and India for Hindus. On their own, with an overwhelming Hindu majority, whom Voltaire called “a peaceful and innocent people, equally incapable of hurting others or of defending themselves” decided to base the nation on secular policies.

The state was to be secular, with equal rights to all religions. Congress, which ruled the nation for the largest part its independent history, however, with a view of holding on to power, turned the laws of secularism on their head and tried consolidate Non-Hindu voters, thriving on the inherent fissures in the Hindu society.

Their own tenure a living proof of incompetence and corruption, they turned heat on Hindus. With a foreign-born, Indian citizen who opted for Indian citizenship after a decade of deliberation, at the helm, things became worse. Cow-slaughter, most unlikely a part of the religion which came from deserts of middle-east, was positioned as an essential part of faith. Hindus were asked to provide scientific data to substantiate their faith in the case of Ram Mandir.

A religion which opposes fixed structures and idols for worship, which had no clue of Cow and its role in an agrarian society in its history, nudged by Congress and the media which became friends to it post-emergency, made it both a rallying point. This was not to innocently defend their faith, rather it was to rub to nose of Hindu majority of the nation in dirt.

Slowly, but surely this nefarious design of Congress started getting exposed, as they used secularism as a way to hide not only incompetence, but also their blatant corruption. Once thrown out of power, Congress threatened riots and went about creating one, dutifully, fanning fissures in the Indian society.

The current scheme of protests, logistically planned and organized by Congress and colluding media houses is one such attempt. In a nation of 125 Crore people which has seen huge number of deaths in terror acts running in thousands, selective mention of around a dozen Muslim victims over the last three years since the change of government is being used to paint entire country as Lynchistan.

A well-coordinate protest was organized, in India and abroad. Public Lynching, or mob-murders are deplorable and must be condemned. We have seen the worst of mob outrage at display in 1984 when thousands of Sikhs lost their life and while many Congress leaders were named, none could be convicted, thanks to support from a compliant police and bureaucracy. The genocide was so thorough and one-sided that not one non-Sikh was killed by the state in the attempt to control the riots.

This did not prompt the media and the so-called intelligentsia to come out and organize multi-city protest in the tune of #NotInMyName, this was not done for 600 deaths in Mumbai train blasts, not in case of 300 deaths in 26/11, or in case of 70 deaths in Delhi Blasts. We are not even going to Bhagalpur Riots where huge number of Muslims were killed under Congress’ watch and Kashmir where the minority Hindus were driven out of their homes with a view of changing demographics and eventual establishment of Islamic state.

Sagarika Ghosh, the grand dame of fake news factory and a known Hinduphobe, tweeted the aforementioned article by Jeff Kingston in Japan Times, well timed to build the traction for the media-created fake protest, designed to create fault-lines in the Indian society on the lines of religion. The eventual protests carefully crafted the narrative around Muslim victims in BJP states, totally ignoring systematic killings in Kerala, Karnataka, Kashmir and West Bengal of Hindus and also nationalist Muslims, confirmed the doubts every neutral individual had.

The idea was to humiliate Narendra Modi after US declared Syed Salahuddin a global terrorist, thereby taking away the façade of democratic freedom-fighters off the faces of Jihadist terrorists of Kashmir. In the process, if it humiliated India, they won’t mind.

A write-up by an academician offers immediate legitimacy to the facts mentioned, even if they be the worst of the lies. The write-up begins with the references to the Jihadist supremacists in Bangladesh, Philippines (writer calls it insurgency) and elsewhere.

In the very second paragraph the ignorance and hatred is wide open. Writes Jeff Kingston- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who embraces Hindutva, a Hindu Chauvinism that sanctifies and perpetuates the politics of hate.

One could see why this article excited a known Hinduphobe Sagarika Ghosh. It is sad that Jeff while comments on the majority religion of foreign country, without even checking how the western world always considered it one of the most tolerant religions in the world.

JR Oppenheimer called the Vedas – the greatest privilege of this century; Voltaire said- …Everything has come down to us from the banks of Ganges; Thoreau wrote – In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous philosophy of Bhagvad Gita…in comparison with which… our modern world and its literature seems puny and trivial; Schopenhauer called reading the Upanishads – It is the most satisfying and elevating reading which is possible in this world; it has been a solace to my life and solace to my death.

If I have to be persuaded by Western wisdom on how one should view Hindutva, I would rather go with a Voltaire, Emerson or a Schopenhauer, than Shri Jeff Kingston, who writes commentary on Indian socio-political scenario from the campus of Columbia University, in a country which is known to fund not only Saudis and Pakistanis, but also Taleban and the ISIS, at one point of time or other.

In the most modern context, the Supreme Court of India, which I am sure, Mr. Kingston, reeling under the white man’s burden of uplifting the brown pagans would have no respect for, decided in 1995 that Hindutva or Hinduism reflects the way of life of the people in the sub-continent and dismissed the idea of equating it with narrow fundamentalist Hindu bigotry.

That Teesta Setalvad (married to a Muslim, possibly converted to Islam) and Shamsul Islam sought the court to once again define and reject Hindutva in 2017, without any street protest against them by the Hindus demonstrate a great tolerance is another matter. The court refused to revisit the 1995 decision and thus the Court’s decision holds.

Jeff Kingston then claims that Modi’s campaign was run on the back of slogan “Vote for Modi, Give life to the Cow.” It seems Mr. Kingston has been fed on the data by his advisers who were planning for a protest to push the government on the back foot and somehow, drive the elected majority government out of power solely on the strength of shrill rhetoric. Sadly, his advisers turn out to be liars.

Their intention was to use the intellectual credit of an Academician to run fake message, and they did not seem to care that in process they have turned the intellectual into a foolish propagandist. Modi’s key electoral slogans, which anyone who actually followed the Indian Polity were as below, mentioned with translations:

  • Abki baar, Modi Sarkaar (This time, Modi Government)
  • Main desh nahin Jhukne doonga (I will not let the nation be humiliated)
  • Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas (With everyone, and For Progress for everyone)

The slogan which the Professor attributes to Modi and also cites as the reason Indian society, as a whole, for having elected Narendra Modi on the back of those wrongly-attributed slogans opposing Cow Slaughter, were never there. Although it would not have been terribly wrong for an electoral candidate to promise adherence to the Directive Principles of the Constitution of India, but this promise was not in BJP’s campaign and the Professor is simply lying to the wider world both about Indian Prime Minister and Indian People, who he posits voted for Modi because he promised ban on Cow Slaughter (even when 70 percent of Hindus, he later claims depend on beef for food).

The learned professor then extends his lie by claiming that Modi then banned beef in 18 states since he came to power in 2014. That the cow has been a sensitive issue for Hindus, not from today but since forever. It was used forever, to rub the collective nose of Hindus in the dirt by Mughals and British at one time or other, while under slavery of the invaders. It has been banned by rulers who felt that the state ought to be considerate of the religious feelings of majority religion of the land, even in those days, off and on. It is only recently that those who support Hijab in the name of accepting religious diversity are absolutely up-in-arms against any ban on Cow slaughter.

However, let us look at the factual position of Prof Kingston regarding Modi Government having imposed Cow slaughter in 18 States since it came to power. Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India under Congress Government wrote to 14 state Governments in 1982 that a ban (as per the Directive Principles of the Constitution) be imposed on Cow Slaughter in letter and spirit, and desired a structure to regulate cow slaughter. Take a quick view, when the legislations banning cow slaughter state-wise in key Indian states, were passed is as below to understand the lie being promoted in Indian and globally by vested interests that Modi government has imposed Beef Ban:

Andhra Pradesh – 1977
Assam- 1950
Bihar- 1955
Chattisgarh (and MP)- 1959
Goa – 1978
Delhi- 1994
Gujarat- 1954
Haryana- 2015 (The new Act replaces earlier The Punjab Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, which was more stringent)
Himachal- 1955
Jammu and Kashmir- 1932
Jharkhand- 1955
Karnataka- 1964
MP- 1959
Maharashtra- 1976
Odisha- 1960
Puducherry- 1968
Punjab- 1955
Rajasthan- 1995
Telengana -1977
UP- 1955
Uttrakhand- 1955
West Bengal- 1950

As we can see that there is a pre-existing ban on Cow Slaughter and Beef sale in these Twenty-Two state, years before the Hindutva Government, which the Professor calls the current government derisively, came into power. The only thing this government tried to do in 2017, is regulate the slaughter market to ensure there is no animal cruelty and before that tried to enforce the pre-existing laws.

Is the learned professor objecting to the enforcement of the laws which are already in place, or is he trying to make a case of illegal slaughter, unregulated, with the government turning blind eye to activity prohibited by the laws enacted by earlier government (though in accordance with Indian constitution’s guiding principles?

The learned professor then makes another strong case for opposing beef- ban allegedly enforced by Narendra Modi Government. He writes protecting Cow is fine, but what about Poor? He writes Christians, Muslims and those outside the fold of upper-caste Hindus, depend on beef as few of cheaply available source of protein. From the data available, 70 percent of Hindus fall under the category which the Professor defines as those out of Upper-caste Hindus (SC/ST and OBC). This 70 percent in addition to other religions, who as per Prof. Kingston depend on beef for daily protein requirement would mean between 60-80 percent of Indian Population must be beef eaters. As per the Data available, India makes for society with fewest meat-eaters, as against 24.7 kg per capita of Beef, Indian number is lowest at 0.5 Kg per capita.

This myth that Indian Dalits and OBCs have Beef as a staple diet is a carefully-crafted, cunning, communist lie designed to draw wedge among Hindus while negating the shared cultural heritage of Dalit and Non-Dalit Hindus. No religion officially mandates beef-eating and therefore any restriction on cow-slaughter in India remains as secular as ban on Horse slaughter in the Professor’s country and is consistent with the idea of India respecting the sensitivities of majority of Indian citizens.

Both the contentions of the Professor that this Government has imposed ban on Cow-slaughter in 18 states and that it impinges on the rights of majority of Indians who eat beef fall flat on the face. Professor is either dependent on his sources like Sagarika Ghosh for information about India or has decided to lie about India out of keen desire to defame the world largest democracy and historically oldest, cultural melting pot, deliberately ignoring inherently accommodating nature of Hinduism.

As is the wont of the Communists and Leftist-liberals, they will quote one of their own to substantiate their claims, Professor then quotes leftist Historian Dwijendra Narayan Jha, to claim that Beef has always been a part of Hinduism, and then the one who comes later will quote the Professor. This is how the aura of fake truth is created around worst of the lies.

Jha claims that Indians started avoiding Beef in 1st century AD. On pure logic, it is totally astounding that once Christianity and Islam started to arrive in India, presumably with love for Beef, suddenly when supported in their ancient practice of beef-eating by other incoming religions, Hindus began eschewing beef. And this avoidance became such that soon they began worshipping cows and hating those who ate them. Thus a race which was cow-eater, turned vegetarian when those in power around them, for last 600 years and in power, turned out to be beef-eater!

And rather than complying with those invaders from foreign land who became absolutist rulers; Hindus of India decided to shun ancient beef-eating practice and began eating pumpkin to annoy their rulers and eventually to elect Modi, to avenge them, centuries later.

It does not hold, Dear Professor, even when you try to stand on the crutches of Communist conspirators out to destroy the cultural heritage of India.

Dear Professor, you have become a tool in this destroy India Campaign being run by interested forces in Indian Media, for whom their old days of unquestioned and unhindered power will return only if Modi is not in the chair and who will not stop attacking Modi even if it means attacking the Idea of India.

Idea of India doesn’t run contrary to the faith of majority population, it is consistent of it. And you got Hindutva all wrong. It is not a religion, as the Supreme Court said, it is the way we, the people of India live, irrespective of their religions.

Please focus on Black Lives matter and Gun-Control before getting on the pulpit to lecture us. Wishing you a healthy, protein-rich life in the US. I hear that Horse is a rich source of Protein too.

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Saket Suryesh
Saket Suryesh
A technology worker, writer and poet, and a concerned Indian. Writer, Columnist, Satirist. Published Author of Collection of Hindi Short-stories 'Ek Swar, Sahasra Pratidhwaniyaan' and English translation of Autobiography of Noted Freedom Fighter, Ram Prasad Bismil, The Revolutionary. Interested in Current Affairs, Politics and History of Bharat.
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