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Return of Islamists into power may jeopardize Bangladesh’s socio-economic achievements

This article delves into the potential consequences and implications of the return of Islamists into power in Bangladesh.

Horror of Love Jihad strikes India again but sickular left ecosystem dumbstruck

A despicable case of grooming jihad has infuriated India after a Hindu woman was set ablaze by her Muslim neighbour: a man who stalked and harassed her, deciding to burn her alive after she repeatedly turned down his romantic overtures.

Let us abuse Modi some more

There are umpteen number of vultures from the older system who are waiting breathlessly for him to make even a slight mistake to derail this entire project.

Jihadi preacher’s channel gets deleted by YouTube for inspiring terror attack, journalist Rana Ayyub expresses solidarity with preacher

Some Indian twitter users noticed Ayyub's tweet which prominently featured the jihadi motivational speaker Israr Ahmed and assumed self radicalisation was a daily routine for "liberal Muslim" Rana Ayyub.

Left, not so left

Historically the left- liberals or communists maintained aloofness form religion, but as there is always an Indian touch to everything this is not the case in India.

Why protests in Islamabad could have large geopolitical ramifications

New Delhi must remain cautious and monitor the situation closely. The game between several actors within Pakistan has begun.

The politics around movie Padmavati should not erase the facts around Jauhar

The history should not be the loser in the ongoing controversy. There are some facts every Indian should know.

Samajwadi Party leader threatens journalist Rohit Sardana on Facebook

The threat was issued and the party was forced to respond.

Is Hindu a victim?

Hindus are certainly victim. Victim of their silent tolerance.

Sagarika at Hindu-shaming again

Hater and Hindu-baiter, Ms. Ghosh wrote "Is the Hindu a Victim?" and she answers herself - No.

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