Samajwadi Party leader threatens journalist Rohit Sardana on Facebook

On 25th November, 2017, former Zee News anchor and currently with India Today, journalist Rohit Sardana shared a post of one Parmendra Mohan on Facebook. On that post, in the comments section, I found this person called Taqi Abbas, who threatened Rohit Sardana by saying, “Sale kutte ke bachche harami ki aulad merai samne aa toh tujhe batata hoon”.

I went to his profile and found that he identifies himself a Samajwadi Party Leader, close to Akhilesh Yadav. I took the screenshots then and there, and I wrote a Tweet about this:

Very quickly my voice was joined by various prominent Twitter personalities like  and many other twitter users. In 12 hours, the Tweet crossed 300+ RTs and the Samajwadi spokesperson was forced to comment on this and assured of quick action against this neta.

Current Update is that the comment has been deleted. Now waiting for actions against such people who issue threats in first place, because deleting a comment doesn’t eradicate the crime already done.

For those who don’t know, television journalist Rohit Sardana is under attack from Islamic fundamentalists just because he asked why don’t filmmakers treat Hindu sentiments and Muslim sentiments in a similar fashion. India Today office was attacked, and Muslim leaders have announced reward for killing Sardana. Most journalists have kept their mouths mum over the issue, just like they don’t worry about killing of RSS workers in Kerala.


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