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Mr. Ahmad Patel, they missed you!

Through the obituaries and condolences written by MSM journalists, one can easily see as to why these power brokers who used to enjoy the access to power corridors are so unnerved as they miss the absence of jugglers and conjurers in current regime.

The Bihar Elections and why “liberals” are trying to portray Tejaswi as a hero, even though reality suggests otherwise

Tejaswi Yadav was the deputy Chief minister of Bihar for 18 months and yet he doesn't have even a single accomplishment as the youngest Deputy CM of a state except the allegations of corruption against him.

Philly to Delhi and Delhi to Philly: A train of thoughts between the two great democracies

"It is not Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but it is the Hunter Biden who has won the 2020 US elections.": Mainstream media and tech giants have entirely blacked out Hunter Biden's financial shenanigans with a design to protect Democrats and Biden.

Karan Thapar lies about his meeting with Jayalalitha

An artful way of promoting oneself at the cost of truth by drawing attention to what he has written even if it is wrong: Their way of Great Journalism!

The atrocious portrayal of Indian Air Force in movie Gunjan Saxena points to a larger social malaise in Indian media

For the journalists and Bollywood, Indian men and Indian society are irredeemably sexist. Any women who has succeeded in her life could have no support from her family.

स्तरहीन पत्रकारिता का दौर

गर्व करने योग्य देश की उपलब्धियां हैं बल्कि जनमानस में सकारात्मकता फैलाने वाली खबरें हैं- आपदा को अवसर में बदलने की बहुत से कदम भी उठाए गए जैसे आत्मनिर्भर भारत की नींव और वोकल फ़ॉर लोकल का संकल्प। लेकिन शायद ही खुद को चौथा स्तंभ मानने वाली देश की मीडिया ने इन खबरों का प्रसारण किया हो अथवा किसी भी प्रकार से देश की इन उपलब्धियों से देश की जनता को रूबरू कराने का प्रयत्न किया हो।

Media ethics in journalism

Free media should be there to acts as a watchdog to the government[3] and is also a channel to connect people with its government.

All that’s online isn’t gospel

Everybody has an opinion about every small issue around him, thanks to the information available at a finger click, no matter how valid it is!

दक्षिण पूर्व एशिया- संबंध और संघर्ष

अमेरिका का बढ़ता प्रभाव दक्षिण पूर्व एशिया के लिए, और ख़ास कर भारत के भविष्य को ले के अच्छा है?

The feeble right ecosystem and the Hindu faith

A feeble ecosystem of the Right would only disappoint and discourage the voluntary people who have chosen to tread the right path with no selfish gain out of any situation, except safeguarding the Sanatani faith that feeds the soul of Bharat since long!

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