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UP Polls 2022: Your vote was never so precious, nor will ever be; Prabashi UP-ites, rush back home and cast your vote

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This article is addressed specifically to large numbers of UP-ites living outside their state seeking their urgent attention. The UP polls are set to begin in a few days and they have historic opportunity to shape the state’s future by returning home and casting their votes. This election is that crucial.

Over last five years, the Yogi model of governance has catapulted UP at the centre stage of the country. It has been proved beyond doubt that a strong political leadership can bring forth extensive socio economic changes rapidly. Else, how is it that such large and resourceful state which remained a laggard in most socio-economic parameters for nearly seven decades could be transformed so rapidly in a matter of just five years?

Generally speaking, UP’s backwardness till 2017 could be attributed to the legacy of Nehruvian model of politics characterized by – dynastic culture, dividing religious majorities on the basis of caste, exploiting religious minorities by pandering to their religious fundamentalist tenets, perpetuating poverty and exploiting poor in the name of poverty eradication, while creating a corrupt ecosystem of bureaucrats, landlords, media, intelligentsia to support the ruling political regimes. Typically, this model has benefitted these powerful people constituting a small percentage-may be 10% at the expense of 90% of poor, socially oppressed, and middle income sections of the state’s population.

Over the last 5 years the Yogi model of governance has upturned this ecosystem of exploitation and corruption through its hard work, honesty and commitment to the cause of the common man. Significantly this new model owes neither to socialism, communism or capitalism, nor to any other ‘ism’ of the west. It draws inspiration from India’s own civilizational ethos and values. Its efficacy has been proved not only by directional change but also by the velocity of the change. What has been particularly relevant and satisfying is the fact that the Yogi model has succeeded in inspiring even a large section of the bureaucracy, to work hard and in sync with political establishment for people’s welfare. For a section of the society such as bureaucracy habituated to life of power and privileges, such a transformation was unthinkable till now.  

Whether or not this magnificent process of transformation would continue and gather further momentum of course hinges on the outcome of this election. The state has been placed into a ‘high possibilities trajectory’ characterised by massive influx of huge industrial investments, emergence of defence corridors, phenomenally rising exports, advent of a huge film city challenging Bollywood, coming up of five international airports, six expressways, developing a very powerful tourism circuit attracting global and domestic tourists, and so on. At this rate the time is fast arriving when inter-states human flow will change directions and UP will start attracting job seekers from other states. And, for that matter even students seeking higher education: with a network of 33 medical colleges, UP may soon break the monopoly of the southern states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in turning out doctors.

What UP has achieved already obviously creates a sense of pride in UP-ites wherever they are. This is probably comparable to the feelings the non-resident Indians had begun to experience after 2014 following change of regime in the centre. Back to the UP-ites, what they experienced so far is certainly insignificant compared to what they can potentially achieve if the same tempo of all round development is maintained.

But, all that rests on the outcome of the election results. Every UP voter who loves his state should know that the polls 2022 would not be easy, as the 10% powerful as said earlier, are well connected, part of a global nexus and they are hell bent upon preventing the return of Yogi regime. Their most potent ally is a global media which can spread white lies and mislead voters.

Yogi defined this election as a fight of 80 vs 20. Considering the mainstream media’s hold over people, malicious capacity to sway mass opinion and their predilection against Yogi, a more practical estimate may be 60 vs 40. Though that also suggests an easy win for Yogi government, final outcome will hinge on what percentage of both camps actually turn out of home to cast votes. That will be the crux of the matter.

Here the parable of a draught hit village may be relevant. All of us know it but  let us remember. Once upon a time there was severe draught in a village. As an astrological remedy to tide over this nature’s wrath every household was asked to fill a freshly dug dry pond with a glass of milk in the night. Each household accordingly went with a filled glass and emptied it upon the designated space. In the morning it transpired the dug ground was filled with only water- there was no trace of milk in it. Every house had presumed others would surely bring milk, so what if we alone contributed with a glass of water?    

This is what could happen if voters in UP do not take their responsibilities seriously enough. To them it is the opportunity of a century to reshape the future of the state directly, and also the whole country going forward. No one should rest assured that others would cast their votes so his or her vote won’t matter. Every vote would put the emerging UP on a extremely strong firmament.  In particular, all those voters residing outside UP can make a significant contribution to this cause by returning home in next few days and casting their votes. Besides discharging their own responsibilities they can create a magic effect on local voters. Their seriousness and dedication would motivate the local voters in general to go to booths without fail. The mere news that a voter has come from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai or Thiruvananthapuram only to cast his or her vote can motivate the whole village to do their bits.

This election is a critical one that will have a bearing on the course of politics in India. Yogi model of governance over last five years has proved that it is capable of delivering solutions to the long standing problems of the poor and common man very efficiently and rapidly. India has been tired of hearing slogans such as ‘Garibi Hatao’ which proved to be mere rhetoric. The next five years will further confirm the utility of Yogi model and commend it for adoption in other states as well. That very possibility is causing extreme disquiet in the 10% powerful fearing loss of control over 90% poor and common man. They are likely to go any extent to prevent Yogi regime from returning as it would mean their political extinction. The only way for people who want UP to propel upwards is  to counter their mischief with the 3 As viz.,  awareness, agility and action. That is by casting every single vote- to the last man and woman. The land of UP has been blessed by mother Ganga, they can acknowledge their gratitude by casting their vote and thus helping UP emerge as a top state of India.

Time is running out!

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