Monday, April 22, 2024


UP Polls 2022

UP Polls 2022- Results have sent tremors among naysayers

Who are these 'naysayers'? They constitute a strange spectrum starting from opposition parties, to media and sadly some forces within BJP who wanted the party to return but not Yogi to head the government.

UP Polls 2022- An open letter to the Chief Election Commissioner

EC's actions against errant political parties have mostly been benign and superficial like issue of show cause notices, warning, stay over one or two rallies or banning a leader from taking part in meetings for few days.

UP Polls 2022: Your vote was never so precious, nor will ever be; Prabashi UP-ites, rush back home and cast your vote

The UP polls are set to begin in a few days and UP-ites have historic opportunity to shape the state's future by returning home and casting their votes. This election is that crucial.

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