Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Saurav Dutt

New book tackles global Hinduphobia & anti-Hindu ecosystems, advocates need for right-wing Hindu resurgence 

Indian born British Author Saurav Dutt has penned ‘Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening’ an unflinching book that deals with the reasons behind the rising surge of Hinduphobia across media, academia, culture and politics across the world. Dutt maps the energy behind the movement-a denigration and distortion of Hindu values, history and culture-alongside the meteoric rise of Narendra Modi and the BJP since Modi’s ascent to the Indian premiership in 2014.

Horror of Love Jihad strikes India again but sickular left ecosystem dumbstruck

A despicable case of grooming jihad has infuriated India after a Hindu woman was set ablaze by her Muslim neighbour: a man who stalked and harassed her, deciding to burn her alive after she repeatedly turned down his romantic overtures.

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