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New book tackles global Hinduphobia & anti-Hindu ecosystems, advocates need for right-wing Hindu resurgence 

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A new book by TIME magazine featured Author and Political Commentator Saurav Dutt entitled ‘Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening’ uncompromisingly explores the growing global movement of Hinduphobia and makes a compelling case for a reassertion of dharmic and Indic values by the global Hindu diaspora to combat attacks on Hindu culture, religion and civilization. 

Indian born British Author Saurav Dutt has penned ‘Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening’ an unflinching book that deals with the reasons behind the rising surge of Hinduphobia across media, academia, culture and politics across the world. Dutt maps the energy behind the movement-a denigration and distortion of Hindu values, history and culture-alongside the meteoric rise of Narendra Modi and the BJP since Modi’s ascent to the Indian premiership in 2014. 

Dutt describes how he was relatively nonchalant about Indian politics and Hindu culture prior to Modi’s rise but became incredibly troubled by the rising wave of Hinduphobia that possessed the liberal left across both the Indian subcontinent and the West, both working hand in glove to paint India as a rising Hindu fascist nation and that Modi had seemingly emboldened cow vigilante groups, demonized Muslims, rewrote the nation’s texts to glorify Hindus at the expense of Abrahamic and Islamic faiths. Dutt maintains in his book that all these are falsifications as part of a concerted attack against Hindu primacy and a resurgent nation that has emerged from under decades of Congress led corruption and self-flagellation. 

“It has become open season against Hindus,” Dutt said on the release of the book “since 2014 it has become a sin to be proud of one’s Hindu faith and India’s place in the world. Indian left-wing ecosystems, well-funded ‘toolkits’, Western supremacist narratives, have all been deployed to depict Narendra Modi as ‘the brown Hitler’ and all his followers as ‘Bhakts’ or crazy religious zealots. It is time to embrace the fact that Hindus can be proud of who they are and where they’ve come from and that Modi’s rise to power is a major part in imbuing that sense of self and worth to a previously rudderless and confused Indian whose mind had been colonised.” 

Dutt is aware the book may upset many but felt compelled to write it after speaking to Hindu NRIs, thought leaders, think tanks, NGOs, lobby groups, politicians, and Hindus like himself who have felt increasingly isolated by a tidal wave of hatred directed against Hindu polity, practice, worship, culture, religion, and which has depicted them all as Hindu supremacists. 

“The fact of the matter is that there are vested interests that wish Hindus harm, not just physical harm, but harm to their pride, authority, place in society, and to eviscerate the pride and strength they have gained from a resurgent India under Modi,” Dutt added “the louder Hindus proclaim their rights and their demand to be heard, the louder are the voices from Islamists and Abrahamic opponents that remain committed to shut them down at every turn.” 

Dutt charts the growth of Hinduphobia beyond Indian territories to the West, particularly America and the United Kingdom, as well as offering guidance to those who like him were on the fence and unsure of their place in the modern world as an Indian and as a Hindu. He hopes Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening will “reawake their inner spirit and strength to help Hindus realise when they are under attack and why they must fight back against doctrinal hate.” 

British Indian Author Saurav Dutt is a TIME and Esquire Magazine featured Author, Political Commentator and Script Doctor. He writes on topics of geopolitical and sociopolitical economy, focusing on Indian history and politics, human rights, security and risk. He has been featured prominently on Republic TV with Arnab Goswami, Times Now, NewsX, The Festival of Bharat series with Citti Media, Swarajaya Magazine, Newsweek, CNN and other mediums. He resides in London, England and Kolkata. He can be contacted at @sd_saurav on Twitter.

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