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Is Hindu a victim?

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The author is a blogger about current Indian affairs. Views expressed here are the author's own.

Election of Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister has sparked off an expected intolerance narrative among illiberal in lutyens media and their sympathizers across the border. Even a heinous act of brutal murder of pilgrims does not mellow their rhetoric. Recent blog, by one of ring leader of the lutyens gang, is provocative. The pivotal question the blog tries to answer “Is Hindu a victim?” but instead it is superficial attempt to peddle hackneyed narrative about Muslim victim hood.

From Bali to San Bernardino, most terror attacks in past 25 years have been carried out by the radical Islamists seeking world domination. After each attack victims and citizenry, showing exasperation at how the perpetrators were known to the community and how they had no reason to commit such heinous crimes, are branded Islamophobes or racists. Activists like Rana Ayyub or Linda Sarsour seem much more concerned at perceived Islamophobia than Islamists using their religion to commit heinous crimes. Then they declare terror has no religion and throw out statistics showing how Muslims are themselves victims of terror, forgetting that these are numbers coming from Islamic nations like Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. There is no RSS in West Asia, Europe or Africa, one wonders what could be the reason for the mess?

Now flip the situation and bring a few Gau Rakshaks to the mix, the commentary turns polar opposite. Petty crimes like robbery, quarrel over seat all turn into “Saffron terror”, which is more dangerous to Idea of India than Radical Islamic terror (though it has taken 10000s of lives) as per a Princeling. And as per one US based commentator who is good at “mind reading” than journalism, “Hindus talking about ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ actually want to kick Muslims out of India”. As UPA era conspiracy to foist fake terror cases to implicate RSS tumble out, it’s becoming more clear the diabolical nightmarish scenario that the Lutyens media were weaving to scare people to vote a certain way.

From Kashmir to Kairana, increasingly trends show once Hindus have exodus an area as they became minority and got persecuted, they haven’t returned back. When they have been violently attacked be it Amarnath or Godhra, the illiberal commentators have been short of words or found conspiracy theories to create doubts to benefit the perpetrators. Fact is across India the Hindu experiences no fear from the Muslims, but is threatened by Islamists like Zakir Naik who want to complete the unfinished business. It took regime change to finally reveal the evil deeds of the hate monger, who till recently was cynosure of his community.

Hindus are governed by personal laws set by Parliament, places of worships managed by Babus and politicians, educational institutions buckling under Right to Education law to name a few. These rules are not applied to minorities despite being secular democracy, but Hindus have patiently lived through them without raising a voice or resorting to violence. Also Sachar Committee has revealed that despite of 60 years of rule by parties that believed in Muslims had first right to resources, the community has progressed very little. This phenomenon is not localized, even in the Western countries the community has not progressed as well as others, despite several affirmative government programs.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, set to overtake Christianity in few decades, and it is easy to see that higher birth rates has been fueling this rapid growth. But Indian commentators chose to ignore the fact that world today is global village, and information is on the finger tips of citizenry. The hegemony on the narrative which until recently was preserve of few has ended with advent of Social media. Fake news has very short lifespan, as truth comes out faster than ever, unlike in the past when cobwebs would get formed around the truth.

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Rum Diary
The author is a blogger about current Indian affairs. Views expressed here are the author's own.

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