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Who were the most unfortunate people in modern Indian history?

On 4th January 1990, Srinagar based newspaper Aftab published a warning that if the Kashmiri Pandits din’t vacate their homes and leave the valley immediately, they would be converted to Islam or would be subjected to the barbaric Sharia law.


The Kashmir problem as I see it

A lot has been written about the Kashmir problem since 1947. This article is about exposing those myths based on an interview that I and my co-author gave to a prominent J&K newspaper some time back regarding our book ‘Kashmir is Free’.


जब तक इस्लाम को कश्मीर-समस्या के मूल के रूप में चिह्नित कर विचारधारा के स्तर पर उससे निपटने की नीति नहीं बनायी जाती, लाखों करोड़ के आर्थिक पैकेज बाँटने से कुछ नहीं बदलेगा।

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