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Left, not so left

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Die Religion….ist des opium des volkes” i.e Religion is opium of people, said an economist and political thinker whose ideology is dispersed in the air of JNU and JU, Karl Marx. Historically the left- liberals or communists maintained aloofness form religion, but as there is always an Indian touch to everything this is not the case in India.

Atheist-leftist a masquerade

An Atheist is a person who deny the existence of God and religious belief and religions, but this is not the case in our country. Atheism here means, who hates Hinduism to core and wants to destroy all our traditions and belief. All atheist, mostly Marxists use the cover of atheism to hide their Hindu hatred and their secret romance with Islamists.

A Poster during anti-caa protests.

These hypocrites of highest order uses all kind of slurs against Hindus like Sanghi, Manuwadi, Hindu facist etc. and claims to stand with secularism. We all are aware of the Naxalite and their collaboration with PFI, they dreams of a their unholly alliance with islamists to destroy our culture, traditions, beliefs and our civilization. We all know the reason why Islamists and Abrahamics are against us, but the leftists cleverly hide this Abhrahamic facade in the form of atheism.

Modus Operandi

The method these so called atheist use is to defame and divert all the societal problems on Brahmins and upper castes. Their Brahmin hate is just a cover up for their much rooted Hindu hate. They will abuse our scriptures like Manusmriti and will call it racist and misogynist. They will call our Gods Misogynist and will call them invaders and all kinds of name,they will make Blasphemous remarks on them. They abuse our festivals blames Diwali for air pollution and Holi for eve teasing and water wastage. They worshiped Mahishasur and continues to do so.

Graffiti in JNU.

Their another strategy is to propagate these anti-hindu ,atheist comrades as public hero. We all know how well a famous poet fools people as an Atheist- leftist.

We remember “Hum Dekhenge” incident during the anti -caa protests, leftists( islamists) and so called intellectuals tried to build the narrative that the nazm is not anti-hindu by arguing that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a communist who was anti – establishment , but the truth is that he like all of them was not different. The lines goes like ” sab but(idols) uthae jayenge bas nam rahega allah ka.” Which is clearly anti- hindu and conveyed the message which was to be given.

How to counter them

We need to call them out who they really are, not what they pretend to be. Kanhaiya Kumar is Communist but Umar Khalid and other are not- they are Islamist hiding behind the cover of communist. We need to start our ideological narrative in elite universities, the need of the hour is to change our books which is incliend towards the Islamist – Marxist nexus to Hindutva to build the narrative. The history needs to be written again.

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