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Why is communism popular among the youth?

The core difference between democracy and communism is that communism can corrupt far more easily than democracy. In democracy, you can see when the government isn’t doing its job properly but in communism that’s absolutely not the case.

वर्तमान की युवापीढ़ी और फैंसी आंदोलन

साम्यवाद के भ्रमित करने वाले शब्द व स्वर को आधुनिक शब्द छलावा में पेश कर कविता आवृत्ति होती है। बस किसी भी तरह देश की आंशिक जनसंख्या को प्रभावित करके मिथ्या प्रोपगंडा को सच्चाई में बदलने का कोशिश चालू रहता है।

भारत का वामपंथ इतना पिछड़ा और पिछलग्गू क्यों?

कभी भी भारत के वामपंथियों को मार्क्स, लेनिन, माओ या फिर कास्त्रो के मध्य खुद की औकात बनाते नहीं पाया।

भीमा कोरेगांव का प्रपंच

1 जनवरी को फिर से भीमा कोरेगांव का जिन्न जागेगा और दुष्ट अंग्रेजों के विजय की बरसी मनाई जाएगी, रवीश अपने फेसबुक पर प्रपंच फैला चुका है एवं अन्य वामी कामी उसके फिराक में हैं।

Worst is yet to come, courtesy of Communism

Staying silent will only get you a leader like Joe Biden in US and Gandhis in India because the damage has already been done and the worst is yet to come

The history of India – a story of distortion by marxists

By interpreting history only on the basis of economic monopoly can not eradicate the wrongdoings which were done based on religion.

Left, not so left

Historically the left- liberals or communists maintained aloofness form religion, but as there is always an Indian touch to everything this is not the case in India.

Time to slay the Nepalese buff

Nepal has not just divorced India politically but has made India its enemy. The entwined relationship has been trampled for sovereignty which Nepal never had in the past and will not have in the future.

Why only certain lives matter?

An opinion piece calling out the hypocrisy of anti-establishment propaganda-driven leftist politics targeting the silent majority in India and US by means of violence and false narrative

Is proselytization a tool of radicalization?

Interesting war amongst converts with non-converts and with newly converts!

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