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शिक्षित, अशिक्षित या सिर्फ ढोंग

सोशल मीडिया में एक पोस्ट लगातार घूम रही है कि शिक्षित लोगों के स्टेट केरल में बीजेपी को कोई सीट नहीं मिली। तो उनके शिक्षितपने की औकात कितनी है वो देख लेनी चाहिए ।

Why are INDIA and BHARAT different?

India is a new country, only 72 years old. Bharat, on the other hand, is at least 6000 years old. We need to know this because we are not Indians, we are Bharatiyas, an identity lost in the pages of so-called 'Mythology'.

Sabarimala – A left liberal comes home

The state has, from its Nehruvian beginnings, supported the Communists whose primary aim has been the demonization of popular Hinduism, which is termed as 'secularism'.

Communism is against Indian Ethos

The communists have been trying to peel away the Indian way of life, looking for similarities between the class struggles in Europe and conditions in India to fit their narrative and somehow gain legitimacy to survive.

Why the C3 ecosystem is poverty dependent

The carriers of the lifeblood of information within this ecosystem formed its final pillar, the Fourth Estate.

It is time to have a political service commission in India

In the contemporary times of specialization and super-specialization, it is time to produce specialist rulers without disturbing the fundamentals of democracy

‘2 in 10 Communists rescued from Kerala floods by RSS will come back to kill them’- Thoo Research

Thoo Research, while otherwise they would have not suffixed Research in their company name, has conducted a real survey of the people rescued from the recently submerged Kerala.

This is why communists tried to spread hate while Kerala drowned in floods

The hatred and misinformation spread by the communists was by design. Read what inspired them.

First by the flood, and then by CM of the state, Kerala has been disfigured

Could the Chief Minister of Kerala not find some other occasion to demean the Prime Minister?

Be bored but don’t ignore such leeches in your newspapers

My baton is with you readers next time when you find such leeches in your newspaper.  I am bored, I say.

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