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Was Hindu Temples destruction by Mahmud only for monetary gains?

The question we should ask ourselves – with so many accounts where Mahmud Ghazni's intentions were not only monetary loot but equally (if not more) important to destroy the Hindu civilization - why are there prominent historians amongst us who choose to not only look the other way, but portray a false view of those accounts? By presenting a skewed version of historical events - who are they trying to please?

Communism is against Indian Ethos

The communists have been trying to peel away the Indian way of life, looking for similarities between the class struggles in Europe and conditions in India to fit their narrative and somehow gain legitimacy to survive.

Mirror mirror on the wall

If we were to take a different view of such pageants and scratch beneath the surface, it tells a different and damning story.

Lets run a litmus test on these #MeTooUrbanNaxal gang

For the Naxal supporting liberals, solution to all Indian problem is to rip apart Hindus and Hinduism.

Read how Ram Mandir opposition reflects the influence of Mahmud Ghaznavi

Checking the historical events showing the relation the Islamic invaders had with the Hindu temples and the native population of the country.

Do you think the West is secular?

Major western countries have Christian influenced laws and constitution

Is the RSS a fascist organisation like the Nazis, as the ‘liberals’ so often claim?

It's asking for India and Indians to re-discover its roots and its right place as a future leader of the world instead of being subservient to foreign ideologies.

It is Hindutva that makes an individual treat you as equal

India has been and will always follow Hindutva, because that’s its essence.

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