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It is Hindutva that makes an individual treat you as equal

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Whenever a hinduphobe comes on the screen and starts spewing hatred for the Hindus, it pains us deeply.

We watch their warped ideologies spilling out in hate-filled words from their mouths, poisoning the minds of unsuspecting people against Hindu traditions.

It shocks the common man when verbally attacked in this manner and instills a sense of defiance in them, where they want to further assert their right to be Hindus.

We see a pure and beautiful word ‘Hindutva’, being slandered by these hinduphobes who frankly are beyond redemption as they have allowed themselves to be consumed by hatred on account of their extreme ideologies.

What they forget to grasp is that – it’s because of Hindutva that the Hindus have respected other religions and races. It’s because of Hindutva that the Hindus have allowed others to flourish in India alongside them. It’s because of Hindutva that the Hindus have not invaded foreign lands to massacre innocent civilians in the name of religion.

Hindus are a proud people belonging to a strong civilization, because they stand tall on the bedrock of Dharma taught to them by their forefathers.

It is Dharma, the underlying order of this universe, which maintains the equilibrium necessary for life to flourish.

Hindutva means understanding, absorbing, applying, living and breathing Dharma, essential for the betterment of society and this world.

Truth, compassion, penance, purity, forgiveness, right knowledge, mindfulness, sense control, satisfaction, introspection, renunciation, fearlessness, strength, respect, submission to elders-teachers-God are some of the basic tenants of Dharma.

These dharmic qualities are inherent in Hindus, irrespective of their sects, classification or social order.

That’s why if you go into a village as a stranger, you will be able to find a family that feeds you and lets you take shelter for the night. It is Hindutva that makes that individual treat you as equal, worthy of respect.

India has been and will always follow Hindutva, because that’s its essence. Its Hindutva that allows unity in diversity within India – why would you want to disturb that?

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