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Lets run a litmus test on these #MeTooUrbanNaxal gang

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There’s a small section of the media and so-called human rights activists who are standing up for the 5 individuals who have been charged with indulging in left wing extremism. In their solidarity with these individuals they have launched a twitter campaign of #MeTooUrbanNaxal.

If that’s the case, lets run a litmus test of these supporters if they endorse ideologies of Rona Wilson, Gautam Navlakha and Varavara Rao (the supporting video links are available at the bottom).

Some of Rona Wilson’s views:

  1. He states that repression is a necessary condition for the Indian state to perpetuate itself i.e. he paints all democratically elected Indian govts till date, which have been chosen by the citizens, as repressing its own citizens.
  2. According to him, there needs to be mass movement and agitation to prevent institutions like National Counter-Terrorism Centre and NIA from being setup and run by the govt. So, if a country is being threatened by terrorism from multiple fronts this activist wants to stop the country from defending itself.
  3. He wants the Armed Forces Special Powers Act must be removed from the restive states. He states the example of Manipur which wanted to secede from the Indian state before India’s independence, to prevent which the AFSPA was implemented there at that time. By this view does he support secession of current states from India and to take this further, does he believe India is one country?

For the #MeTooUrbanNaxal – its time for you to stand up and endorse his views of India being a repressive country, on your twitter accounts because you support this kind of free-speech.

Some of Gautam Navlakha’s views:

  1. He complains about the killing of Burhan Wani by the Indian state. By this measure maybe he does not label Burhan Wani a terrorist.
  2. He supports the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people to break away from India. He thinks that India is suppressing the people of Kashmir.
  3. His viewpoint is that Lashkar and Jaish are stepping in because of the repressive policies of successive Indian governments. Its quite interesting that he gives Pakistan a clean chit while dumping the entire blame on the Indian govts for the Kashmir situation.
  4. He complains about a demography change in Kashmir with Hindus coming in (even if it’s a very small number) that according to him is not acceptable. Interestingly, you don’t see him complaining about the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of the state by the hardline islamists.

I’m sure the #MeTooUrbanNaxal are well aware of Gautam’s ideology and fully support him, which means that these people blame India and not hardline radicalism or Pakistan for the current challenges we face in Kashmir.

Some of Varavara Rao’s views:

  1. Calls BJP a Bhramanical Hindutva philosophy and according to him Lord Krishna supports violence as depicted in Bhagvad Gita. Varavara demeans the Vedas as well in the interview. This Hinduphobe does not care if he portrays an entire culture of a country as repressive, just like Rahul Gandhi did when he said that the Indian culture is the reason why women are not being treated well.
  2. According to him the Indian judiciary is supporting the Bhramanical system! His anti-Hindu rant knows no bounds.
  3. He states that calling India as a country is a myth and actually it’s a feudal subcontinent.
  4. According to him when Hyderabad was brought into the Indian union it was an aggression against the Hyderabad state where the Indian army committed atrocities on the population there. Similarly he questions the Indian state sending the army to Kashmir in 1948 terming that too as unlawful.
  5. He terms all Indian govts have committed genocides of Indians. He sees the Indian state as the enemy.

Since the #MeTooUrbanNaxal so vociferously supports him, one would think that they share the same views as well – basically they are anti-Hindu who do not believe in India as a country, but rather a loose feudal conglomerate of smaller countries subservient to the imperialistic Western powers.

There’s a common thread that runs through all these types of people. They have a disdain for India as a country, they are anti-Hindu, they label India as being repressive of minorities and women.

Its scary, how under the garb of free-speech, we have such people who have for decades been sowing discontent within India, trying to drag it down from progressing. Their hatred knows no limits, but they have no solutions to offer. Even when they offer solutions it means ripping apart the Hindu civilization which is the essence of this great nation.

Yes, its time for couch-potato variety of twitter zealots to tag this story on their twitter handles and show their undying solidarity with the views of these so called human-right activists. We dare you.



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