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Communism is against Indian Ethos

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The 19th century communist ideology is an outcome of the industrialization wave in the 18th century which led to the supposed creation of 2 main classes of population in society – the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. According to the Marxists, the bourgeoisie who owned the means of production in this capitalistic environment benefited from the profits, while the proletariat suffered with meager salaries as a result of industrialization, thus giving rise to an unequal society.

The solution according to communism is socialism, which entails the elimination of the capitalistic society and replacing it with an order, structured on common ownership of land and its means of production with the absence of social classes, money and the state.

This foreign concept which originated in Europe in very specific conditions in a different civilization has been supplanted in the Indian subcontinent rather obtusely. The communists have been trying to peel away the Indian way of life, looking for similarities between the class struggles in Europe and conditions in India to fit their narrative and somehow gain legitimacy to survive.

The theory of classes from communism have been warped onto the Indian landscape and has been applied to the Varna system. For the communist ideology to gain momentum, it needs a villain. In Europe it was the capitalists who owned the factories and land. In India, it’s the same. You’ll find activists indoctrinated by communist ideologies, targeting successful industrialists like the Ambanis, Adanis, Tatas etc. You will find them raising issues about the extravagant lives the capitalists lead and show you pictures of poor people sleeping on the streets, somehow sending a message that it’s because of these successful people. Any charity or philanthropic work done by these businessmen will be brushed under the carpet by the activists while painting them as evil businessmen. They’ll shut down factories and deprive citizens of employment in states they influence, while not being able to provide any other source of income – thus leaving the population in dire economic conditions.

Another section usually targeted is the Sanatan Varna system, specifically the Brahmin society. They are portrayed as scheming individuals who want power and money at the expense of the poor Dalits. Here, the Brahmins are equated to the bourgeoisie and the Dalits to the proletariat. Smear campaigns are run in every section of society by the communists – in media, in academia, in movies – everywhere. Its funny how they paint a mere 4%-6% of population that comprises of Brahmins to hold so much control over the remaining Hindu population. Endorsements from naïve CEOs are marketed to give it legitimacy and placards reading SmashBrahmanicalPatriarchy are thrown around.

By targeting the traditional knowledge generating Varna of India, the communists want to break the country’s social fabric which for thousands of years had contributed immensely to India’s and the world’s growth. The idea is to render the common man moor-less so that they can step in to mold society in their image.

Communism demands uniformity to be able to transition to a classless society. There is no space for cultural uniqueness in society, in a communist world. That’s why you will verily see their proponents in society who look down upon Indian festivals, terming them a waste of resources and polluting the environment. You will find such activists exhorting people not to celebrate festivals under one pretext or the other. In Diwali it’ll be noise and environment pollution. In Holi or Navratri it’ll be harassment of women. In Raksha-Bandhan, Bhai-Dooj, Karva-Chauth it’ll be targeted using the women’s empowerment platform.

According to Marx, religion is the opium of the people, used by the rich to give false hope to the poor. According to Stalin, religion is seen as retarding human development. Following on those footsteps, you’ll find this ideology percolating in India and being propagated by political parties that want to maintain their voting blocks by consolidating the Dalits, SC, ST, OBC – again by exhorting them to give up Hindu practices and become atheists. You’ll find their proponents breaking Hindu Murtis as a sign of protest, demeaning Hindu gods and goddesses in public, staging theatrical plays painting the Hindu religion as regressive. You’ll find many Hindi and regional movies that make fun of Hindu gods and the Hindu priests. The Sabarimala case is a perfect example where Hindu traditions are belittled, the devotees oppressed by the state and activists posing as female devotees being thrust in the forefront by communists to test Hindu patience. This malaise has seeped in all facets of the Indian society.

To overthrow the bourgeoisie, this ideology calls for a revolution. This revolution is not only intellectual in nature, but a physical one that would use brute force to overthrow the state. Its found in the form of the Naxal movement where the operational brains are in the urban society in different fields of academia, politics, NGOs, media (called the Urban Naxals by Vivek Agnihotri) who are keeping the movement simmering by providing intellectual, monetary and global support to naxal terrorists in the hinterlands bent on breaking the Indian state, using the age-old excuse of oppression at the hands of the evil state. These same breaking-India forces (as Rajiv Malhotra has termed them) commit the most heinous crimes on the tribals and run their own parallel govt with kangaroo courts, which does not get reported enough in the main stream media, which begs the question whether the media as well is infected with this cancer of communism.

This hatred towards the Indian state is seen when the communist ideology supporters run to the aid of defending Kashmiri terrorists legally as well. They label the stone-pelters as mis-guided youth. They call the terrorists as mere rebels and they run to international committees brandishing the Indian army as tormentors of helpless local population. This dangerous ideology supports and in some cases encourages Kashmiri people to pick up the gun against the Indian state. They are bleeding the country from the inside, stamping out economic progress and forcing the country to hemorrhage.

This ideology, which has seen its zenith in the formation of USSR or the cultural revolution of Mao, has seen itself being demolished when the USSR broke up and China veered away to a quasi-communist ideology. Even in its last throes, communism in India still creates havoc. According to some sources tracking the most number of deaths caused by different groups, the Maoist insurgency has led to as many as 12,000 deaths in 20 years in India in with more than 9000 civilians have been murdered by these terrorists for supporting the Indian govt, or have been caught in the exchange of fire between the Indian army and the terrorists. In 2017, India suffered the 3rd most number of terror attacks in the entire world, which is a cause of grave concern for internal security.

If we are to look at the deaths caused directly because of communism, it’s a staggering number of around 100 million people as per Stephane Courtois in his book “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression”

  • 65 million in the People’s Republic of China
  • 20 million in the Soviet Union
  • 2 million in Cambodia
  • 2 million in North Korea
  • 7 million in Ethiopia
  • 5 million in Afghanistan
  • 1 million in the Eastern Bloc
  • 1 million in Vietnam
  • 150,000 in Latin America
  • 10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power”

India has since thousands of years been a knowledge seeking civilization. This civilization has a rich diversity of people with their unique ways of life that adds to this beautiful kaleidoscope. Religion and spirituality are revered in India which gives it its strength and humility. Hard work and success in life have been enshrined in our civilizational teachings because of which you will find entrepreneurship flourishing in this country. At the same time, people are known to be charitable, accommodating of differing view points and evolving with every generation.

Communism is antithetical to India. Its in direct opposition to the Dharmic ethos of this nation. For that reason alone, it should be summarily dismissed from the Indian landscape as a failed ideology because its time is way past.


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