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Atrocities on Dalits

समकालीन मुद्दे और वाम-पंथ

भारतीय संस्कृति के बारे में इतिहासज्ञों एवं विद्वानों के पास एक भी प्रमाण ऐसा नहीं है कि जो इस सनातन संस्कृति को संकीर्ण, परंपरावादी, धर्मांध, नारी विरोधी एवं दलित विरोधी साबित कर सके। किंतु, जब भी कोई दुष्कर्म जैसी घटना होती है तो उसके तमाम संदर्भों को भुलाकर चोट केवल सनातन के प्रतीकों पर होती है।

Dalit discrimination in Shivratri Festival of Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) – Is the case ‘Rightly’ interpreted?

Many Dalit writers, scholars, and left-liberals have pointed out this issue in social media and try to interpret the situation from the aspect of the Brahminical hegemony of the religion.

Hypocrisy of mass movements

Those who think Hinduism is bad and Islam or Communism (state which ban religion) will give the something great are living in illusion.

Communism is against Indian Ethos

The communists have been trying to peel away the Indian way of life, looking for similarities between the class struggles in Europe and conditions in India to fit their narrative and somehow gain legitimacy to survive.

Three reasons why BJP lost Madhya Pradesh

Read how not only anti-incumbency but caste arithmetic and PM's image lost BJP its strong hold state like MP.

Orthodox Hinduism is not Sanatan Dharm

Hindus everywhere will have to answer the million-dollar question – Is Orthodoxy in tune with the mighty Vedas?

In ‘progressive’ Kerala, Hindus can’t even have a dignified death

neither of the two major political fronts that share power in the state bothers to make any 'special' efforts to win over the Hindu vote

Caste prejudices reborn: All thanks to the secular party Congress

Congress with its allies seems to have stooped to the last dirty level to be in the government.

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