Hypocrisy of mass movements

A particular class of movie lovers get fascinated with espionage theories and love to see James Bond movies. The theory propagated about secret missions and super Hero activities is all garbage. Its the gradual process of Ideological Subversion which manipulates mind of youth. It changes perception of Reality and the media propaganda, movies textbooks etc may make you hate your own religion and culture. The primary work of Intelligence agencies is not espionage but cultural propaganda. We have seen hypocrisy of Bollywood, fake mass movements etc. Everything is part of game. Environmental problems come only during Diwali. European environment activists who criticized African tribes must peep inside their own deeds.

Dalit movements and its perspectives

Some leaders just creep out start abusing upper castes just cry on cherry-picking some issues and deliver the verdict that Hinduism is root cause of all evil. Some political leaders who want to protect reservation for Dalits forgot that Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia University do not give any reservation as they are protected under the name Minority institutions.

Have you heard any activists or media raising this issue?

Dalit atrocities factor

One cannot question Islam on poor conditions of women. Some of our learned lawyers of Supreme Court started defining civil and criminal laws in their own convenient ways. Islam wants Indian laws in criminal cases but separate Shariat in family and civil issues!

According to the convenience of some political classes and so called social activists atrocities on Dalit start increasing. The scripted drama of social justice starts and blame game played. Its always the attempt of secular political class to unite votes of minorities but divide Hindus on caste lines.

A Dalit boy named Savan was burned alive by Muslim goons. At that time all Dalit activists were sleeping and this was never seen as case of communal hatred. A section of media who is always excited Dalit rights was silent. The status of Dalit atrocities and narrative is changed according to convenience. Caste divide created by our secular class.

A perfect example of selective outrage

Dirty truth of large scale mass movements

A large scale mass movement is always orchestrated by state or some powerful capitalist. The aim of such movements is to De-stabilize the system, social culture and ultimately the prime religion of a nation. The Bolsheviks of Russia killed Czar of Russia alleging capitalism in the state and plight of working class. The end result was that freedom of speech was lost and Gulag slave masters crept up.

When I read History of Reformers in India I am surprised to know that all just wanted to reform Vedic Hinduism! No one ever questioned Burkha and no one ever asked why caste system exist in Portugal system of Christianity. The word caste itself came from Europe.

Those who believe that Socialism and Communism are great must read what Gulag slave camps did! Rich merchants were killed, their properties were distributed to poor downtrodden. Every commodity became state controlled and poor people worked as slaves were sent to concentration camps!

Those who think Hinduism is bad and Islam or Communism (state which ban religion) will give the something great are living in illusion. Arab sheikhs buy teenage Muslim girls from Hyderabad which never become a month long debate topic like Dadri!

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