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Selective Outrage

The selectiveness of outrage against rape cases in India, and how it weakens the movement against it, and the judicial system of the country?

Sometimes, due to the popular outrage which is created by manipulation of public opinions, we forget there is something like the law also prevails in the country which provides for some procedure of getting justice.

Raja, Fardeen, and Fardeen kill Vinod for objecting to their lewd remarks on women

in Udaipur, 43 year old Vinod was stabbed to death by three lowlives- Raja Oad (Awad), Fardeen, and a third youth also named Fardeen- for objecting to their frequent lewd remarks aimed at women.

Be correct, not politically correct

Shaming someone else automatically gives you a character certificate. Till the time someone doesn’t shame you.

हिंदू धर्म की भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचाना कहां तक उचित है??

विज्ञापन में दिखाए गए पात्रों के धर्म एक दूसरे से बदल दिए जाएं तो क्या देश में अभी शांति रहती। क्या तनिष्क के शोरूम सुरक्षित रहते। क्या लिबरल तब भी अभिभ्यक्ती की स्वतन्त्रता की बात करते।

Does a rapist have religion?

We live in a country where terrorist has no religion but a rapist has a religion and has a particular caste.

समकालीन मुद्दे और वाम-पंथ

भारतीय संस्कृति के बारे में इतिहासज्ञों एवं विद्वानों के पास एक भी प्रमाण ऐसा नहीं है कि जो इस सनातन संस्कृति को संकीर्ण, परंपरावादी, धर्मांध, नारी विरोधी एवं दलित विरोधी साबित कर सके। किंतु, जब भी कोई दुष्कर्म जैसी घटना होती है तो उसके तमाम संदर्भों को भुलाकर चोट केवल सनातन के प्रतीकों पर होती है।

Changing Semantics by Context

The recent incident related to Kangana Ranaut being subjected to threats by Shiv Sena leaders and forceful action through Mumbai’s local Government machinery over a statement she made about Mumbai and the mum/silence that followed from Bollywood industry, the liberals and feminists, makes one ponder and wonder at the same time “Why the silence?”

सब याद रखा जायेगा

कहां थी ये निष्पक्षता; जब हुए जवान शहीद थे.. कहां था पर्यावरणवाद; बकरे वाली ईद पे

Ajaz Ashraf, of The Scroll, with his WRONG interpretation about a freedom fighter, says Savarkar justified the idea of rape as a political tool

Savarkar quotes Ravana saying, “What? To abduct and rape the womenfolk of the enemy, do you call it irreligious? It is Parodharmah, the greatest duty!” The actual text quotes in Sanskrit as राक्षसांनां परो; धर्म: परदारा विघर्षणम् However, what the Scroll writer conveniently ignores is “राक्षसांनां”. According to the quoted statement, it’s the duty of a demon/monster.

Selectivity, national interest and media

Can we practice selectivity in the national interest? Truth can be delayed but cannot be avoided.

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